10 ways to Save Money at Jupiter Dive Center

10 ways to Save Money at Jupiter Dive Center

It’s always a great time to save money. It’s even better to save money doing something you love—scuba diving! Jupiter Dive Center wants to share 9 ways to make that happen. Some of these deals only come around once a year, and others never go away, but they all add up to big savings!

  1. Dive for FREE on your birthday! That’s right. Free. Just make your reservation, and when your special day arrives, come on into the shop, flash some identification, and receive your free 2-tank dive—a $75 value. Now that’s worth celebrating!
  1. Do you dive—a lot? Purchase a trip card and save some cash. Here’s how it works: the more charter trips you buy in advance, the more free trips you receive!

Purchase a 5-dive Trip Card for $375. Get 1 trip free. The savings is $75!
Purchase a 10-dive Trip Card for $750. Get 3 trips free. The savings is $225!
Purchase a 20-dive Trip Card for $1500. Get 8 trips free. The savings is $600!

  1. Need tanks for all those charter trips you just purchased? We have you covered there, too. You can add tanks to the trip cards and save even more!
  1. Need air? Single air fills are $7.50 per fill. Want to reduce that to $4.50? Buy a card.

10-fill air card = $60 and will reduce the cost per fill to $6.00.
50-fill air card = $225. That reduces the air-fill price to only $4.50 per fill!

  1. Want to breathe Nitrox? We offer fill cards for Nitrox blends as well. The regular price for a Nitrox fill is $11.50. But why pay the regular price when a fill card could reduce that price all the way down to $6.00 a fill? Here’s the breakdown:

10-fill Nitrox card = $100 (or $10 per fill.)
25-fill Nitrox card = $200 (or $8 per fill.)
50-fill Nitrox card = $350 (or $7 per fill)
100-fill Nitrox card = $600 (or $6 per fill—which if you’re keeping track is $550 off the regular per fill rate!)

 We get it. Diving can be pricey—especially if you are brand new to the sport. To help, when you sign up for your open water course at Jupiter Dive Center, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount off any equipment purchase in the 90 days following the start of your class. If you’re not quite ready to buy, rental gear is FREE when you dive on our boat within that 90 days.

  1. We can’t take all the credit for this next one, but as a platinum Scubapro dealer, we certainly get to pass it along! Did you know that Scubapro offers a Parts For Life program? Yup. When you purchase your Regulator, Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD), Octo or air2, and a computer at the same time, you receive parts for life. This is approximate savings of $100 each time you service your gear. Here’s the fine print – Service is required every 2 years at or before anniversary date or 100 dives whichever comes first. Which is what you should be doing anyway…
  1. Time is money! Traveling with Jupiter Dive Center is a great way to save time—and therefore money. We take our travel (planning) seriously! We do the research, make all the arrangements, and set up the dives. You bring your gear. Check out all the fabulous places we have on our calendar for next year!
  1. We also have something money can’t buy. Experience. Come on in and talk to our trained associates. Need gear? We have a fully stocked showroom of equipment. So compare options. Try it on. Make a purchase and actually take it home with you. You can’t do that over the Internet. And let’s face it, buying the right equipment the first time saves you a lot of money in the end.
  1. Each year in December, Jupiter Dive Center likes to show our gratitude to the men and women who share our passion for diving. This year, dive with us during Customer Appreciation Week–December 16-22, 2018—and a 2-tank charter is only $55!


There you have it. Jupiter Dive Center looks forward to helping you with all your diving needs!

Fine Print -Price increase happen in January

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