Used Scuba Equipment: How to Make an Educated Choice Used Scuba Equipment:

Used Scuba Equipment: How to Make an Educated Choice

Used Scuba Equipment: How to Make an Educated Choice


Let’s just put it out there. This is not an article about why you should always buy new equipment. There are plenty of good reasons why used gear can be a valid choice. What this article is about is how to make an informed decision and more importantly when and why you should care. Scuba diving is a great sport, but it’s not without its risks. Your safety depends in part on your equipment, and Jupiter Dive Center wants to help you make wise decisions.


Happily, there are plenty of good deals to be found on used gear if you know where to look. Hint: It isn’t on social media. This is where we remind you of the old adage If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So how can you tell the difference between a smoking deal and one that will leave you fuming?


Ask questions. Pitfalls of buying used equipment from an unknown source abound. Before buying anything, consider the following:

  • When was the last time the gear was serviced? Unlike tanks, regulators and BCDs don’t come with stickers that indicate when they may have been last serviced (and stickers can be removed). Does that air cylinder have a current VIP? Can it be hydro’d? (Do you know what those terms mean?) Or is it one of the brands that have been discontinued and can’t be filled any longer? If so, you may have just bought yourself a fifty-dollar doorstop.
  • Can you still get parts for the equipment? You may be able to get a Dacor regulator for next to nothing, but good luck finding parts.
  • Are there any recalls on the equipment? Will the weight pockets of that BC work like they’re supposed to, or are you risking an equipment malfunction that would have been preventable if you’d done a bit more homework?
  • How old is the technology? Incredible safety advances have been made in the sport. Does that computer do everything you want it to? Does it sync to your home computer or is it incompatible with your technology?
  • How old is that wetsuit? Why does this matter? Neoprene compresses with use and degrades with time. That 5 mm wetsuit may only have a warmth rating of a skin.
  • Does it fit my budget? This may seem a strange question, but to really know what a piece of gear costs, you have to factor in the cost of service it needs to ensure it’s safe to use, or that the item truly serves your needs. Buying something that has to be replaced after two dives isn’t the bargain you thought it was.


Why should you consider used gear?

Scuba divers love to buy equipment. Some stick with the sport. Others enjoy it so much that they upgrade their entry-level gear to more advanced equipment. That means there is a lot of great gear on the secondary market. The best way to buy equipment – new or used – is through a reputable dive shop and here’s why.


  • The price. Let’s face it. Gear can be expensive and buying used is easier on the budget. But price isn’t the most important part of the decision equation when considering a purchase.
  • Dive shops have their reputation to maintain. Unlike that guy on eBay or Craigslist, your dive shop has a storefront. If you have an issue with the equipment, the shop has a reason to make things right.
  • Shops have knowledgeable people to help you make the right equipment choices for the type of diving you want to do. That person who decided after two dives that they didn’t like the sport? They don’t have the expertise to answer your questions.
  • In most cases, dive shops will service used gear before putting it up for sale. ASK! At Jupiter Dive Center, we have a full-service repair and maintenance department. Our certified technicians have inspected and repaired used equipment that comes through our shop. And if we aren’t certified to service it, we don’t sell it.
  • Depending on the equipment, new gear may come with a warranty. Sometimes that warranty is assigned to the first owner, sometimes it is defined by time. And sometimes it is the absence of a warranty that reduces the price. Regardless, a shop will know the status.
  • Buying used equipment from a shop may come with perks. Do they offer a return policy? Offer finance options? Can you try it before you buy?


Budget should never be more important than safety. Used gear can be a great option if it fits your needs, is in good shape, and helps you enjoy this incredible sport. For equipment you can count on, visit Jupiter Dive Center. We’ll help you make the right decisions—for you. Happy diving!


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