5 Reasons to Go Scuba Diving

5 Reasons to Go Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving is one of the most fulfilling leisure activities you can try. There’s nothing else that compares to putting on your equipment and getting lost in the world beneath the waves. Whether you’re looking to tick scuba diving off your bucket list, or you want to experience a feeling of utter weightlessness, with scuba diving there’s something for everyone.

We never need any encouragement to head out on a dive. But just in case you’re lacking motivation, here are our top five reasons for trying out scuba diving.

  1. Every Dive Is Unique

Oceans and seas are so diverse that no matter whether you’ve dived over 100 times in various locations across the globe, or it’s your second adventure on the same reef as your last dive, you’re always certain to have a unique experience.

For instance, when we take trips out to our very own “Area 51” reef, you never know what you’re going to find. One dive might be dominated by your interaction with reef sharks, but return just a few days later, and you’ll find yourself tracking the movements of huge green moray eels, with no sharks in sight. It’s this unpredictability that keeps so-called “bucket-listers” coming back for more!

  1. Experience True Weightlessness 

Short of becoming an astronaut, scuba diving offer participants the only realistic chance of experiencing weightlessness. As you sink toward a reef or shipwreck, you can’t escape the floating sensation associated with zero gravity.

Once you’ve mastered buoyancy control, you can glide completely effortless through the water as if you weigh nothing at all. Better still, it’s certainly much cheaper than booking a flight on Elon Musk’s next space flight!

  1. Explore the World as You Don’t Already Know It 

No matter how many nature documentaries you’ve watched, nothing compares with coming face-to-face with nature first hand. Scuba diving trips help you uncover parts of the world that not very many others get to see. Remember, 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and it contains an extra 15 species of animal to encounter, with 33,600 different types of fish alone!

There are creatures that will do nothing but captivate you as you silently swim past each other. Manta rays, dolphins, sharks, and turtles all have to be seen in person to truly appreciate their majesty. What’s more, there’s nothing more exciting that descending on your first ever ship wreck. You’ll gaze in amazement at the sheer scale of the vessel as it lies broken on the seabed.

  1. Learn New Skills

While scuba diving is primarily about having wonderful experiences, you will learn a great deal of new skills as part of the process of becoming a fully-qualified scuba diver. You will gain all kinds of knowledge regarding physics, physiology, the environment, and the effect of currents and tides.

As well as developing your knowledge of the ocean, you’ll also get to learn important skills such as judging depth, communicating non-verbally, and how to remain calm and make decisions when under pressure. Many of these skills transfer over into your profession, giving you a whole new set of personal tools to take into the workplace.

  1. Meet New People

Even though you can’t talk underwater, scuba diving is an incredibly social activity. After all, you rarely (if ever) go scuba diving by yourself. There’s nothing better than getting back on the boat and sharing stories of each other’s perspectives on an epic shared dive.

Many scuba divers end up becoming friends for life. Which is not surprising since these are individuals who each share the same passion for the ocean, and just as you will, they all tried it once and never looked back!

Come and Join Us on a Dive 

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Just give us a call to find out how we can provide you with the perfect scuba diving experience!

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