A Fun and Healthy Resolution You Can Keep—Go Diving!

We get it, it’s easy to make resolutions to stop doing this or start doing that. And you mean well, but most resolutions are so lofty they‘re abandoned before the month is over. But ramping up or maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves more than slogging it out at the gym. One way to ace your resolutions is to make time to do things you enjoy. So grab your gear and join your Jupiter Dive Center family for some great winter diving! Not only is scuba diving fun, but it has both physical and mental health benefits. 

First off, scuba diving torches calories. You may not realize it while you’re exploring one of Jupiter’s amazing reefs or floating along the Wreck Trek on a drift dive, but simply moving through water is a workout. Water is denser than air and that resistance helps you gain strength and flexibility. While your legs benefit the most from kicking, diving also helps strengthen your core muscles as well.


The intensity of the conditions dictates the number of calories you burn, but even when the conditions are pristine, you’re reaping healthy rewards.

When you’re not battling a current, you’re likely breathing deeper and slower than you do topside. Deep breathing encourages full oxygen exchange, meaning the volume of incoming oxygen is on par with the outgoing carbon dioxide.

This helps reduce your heart rate, which can lower your blood pressure and help reduce stress and anxiety. Factor in the lack of cell phones and work demands and diving is often downright soothing.

Take it a step further. The ocean is an awe-inspiring environment, and recent research suggests that awe—that feeling of reverential respect and wonder—can affect your level of happiness, and health, and even deepen the bonds you share with other people.

Not a bad side effect for being occasionally knocked out of your fins. 


Conversely, when you explore a new site or see a bucket-list-worthy marine animal, it triggers excitement an emotional state that on the positive side can be marked by enthusiasm, eagerness, or anticipation. Few underwater encounters spark the imagination as much as seeing a shark while diving. In January, lemon sharks migrate from the waters of North and South Carolina and congregate along Jupiter reefs. The sharks arrive in groups and favor a few specific locations (one aptly dubbed Lemon Drop). But getting up close and personal with a lemon shark is only one of the exciting adventures that awaits.

Jupiter diving changes with the seasons, and come spring, the resident sea turtle population explodes when sea turtles return from other places to nest on Jupiter beaches. No matter how many times you dive your favorite wreck or reef, it’s never the same experience—making your resolution to make time for diving something to look forward to throughout the year!

The benefits of diving are not restricted to the water. Simply being outside and soaking up some sun provides our bodies with Vitamin D and helps increase the endorphin production in our brains. And let’s not forget the social aspect of diving. Spending time with your buddy and other like-minded scuba enthusiasts is fun! Surface intervals are the perfect time to interact with other people on the boat, share information about the dive site, what you saw, and make new friends. Shared experiences offer natural bonding moments.


Diving is an exciting sport and Jupiter Dive Center wants you to enjoy it in good health! Like any sport, diving involves some risk, but remembering the basics you learned in your certification course about breathing, ascent rates, and depth limits goes a long way to mitigating those risks. So does being physically fit.

The new year marks a great time to think about what’s important to you. Just remember to make time for the things you enjoy—diving—and those resolutions will be a whole lot easier to keep! Call Jupiter Dive Center at 561-745-7807 or book your dive online. See you on the boat! 

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