A New and Improved Wetsuit

A wetsuit is the one piece of scuba equipment we all love to have, but hate to purchase. A good one fits snugly without binding and offers the perfect level of exposure protection for the conditions you’re diving in.

Selecting the perfect wetsuit is far more than selecting what color to wear. And in keeping with the times, divers now have a sustainable option to consider—and you can find it at Jupiter Dive Center.


The Everflex YULEX® line of wetsuits offers exceptional fit and warmth for a more enjoyable dive - 100% neoprene-free!

As an alternative to neoprene, the suits are made utilizing YULEX® dive, a plant-based foam made from FSC-certified natural rubber, and are specifically formulated to resist wetsuit compression while diving.

All YULEX® products are plant-based and sustainably produced from renewable rubber tree forests.

A New Material. Same Great Performance

The Everflex YULEX® Dive Steamer wetsuits for men and women offer the same award-winning comfort and thermal protection that made Everflex Scubapro’s best-selling wetsuit. They are designed with just enough multi-thickness panels to guarantee maximum stretch to deliver unparalleled freedom of movement while also offering a comfortably snug fit.

Wrists and ankles feature fuse-cut finished cuffs that are super-stretchy for easy donning. Seat and shoulder areas are protected by an abrasion-resistant outside lining to increase durability and extend the life of the suit—another sustainable bonus! Available in both 3/2mm or 5/4mm full suit options.

Scubapro Everflex YULEX® Dive Steamer wetsuits

Looking for more versatility? Consider Everflex YULEX® dive pants partnered with a long sleeve Everflex YULEX® top.  Available for both men and women, the 3mm pants are designed with fewer seams and the panels are employed to maximize comfort and range of motion.

The abrasion-resistant fabric on the seat and the printed pads on the knees protect the pant—and you. Like the full wetsuit, the pants have the same super-stretchy cuffs. The 3mm long-sleeve top is super flexible and fitted with a vertical front zipper. The wrists feature the same great cuffs as the full wetsuit.


Just looking to boost the exposure protection of the gear you already own? Check out the Everflex YULEX® Hooded Vest.

This 2mm option offers lots of stretch to maximize your range of motion and comes with a face seal.

Scubapro Everflex YULEX® Hooded Vest
Scubapro Everflex YULEX® Swimsuit


The Everflex YULEX® Swimsuit is another versatile piece that can be worn by itself in warm water or as the first layer to maximize warmth.

The 2mm swimsuit has a convenient front zipper which makes donning a piece of cake, and uses the same design options as the Dive Steamer wetsuits to ensure comfort, fit, and range of motion.

Water is incredibly efficient at sapping heat from our bodies. Diving below the average body temperature of 98.6 degrees will eventually lead to hypothermia if you stay in the water long enough. The value of exposure protection cannot be overstated.

Deep down, you want the best and now, with sustainable YULEX® options, staying warm has never felt so good. Ready to take the plunge? Jupiter Dive Center staff can help you find the perfect wetsuit for all your diving needs. 

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