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Reef manta ray

Lemons and Turtles and…Manta Rays? Oh, My!

The lure of warm weather, coral reefs, and shipwrecks draws both divers and marine life to the coast of our Sunshine State—especially when much of…

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Underwater view of grey whale looking at camera, Magadalena bay, Baja California, Mexico

Marine Migrations Create Bucket-List Dives

Marine migration plays a large role in the ever-changing dive experiences to be found in Florida waters. There are various reasons sea creatures migrate and…

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When Life Gives You Lemons—Go Diving! Group of lemon sharks from below in black and white

When Life Gives You Lemons—Go Diving!

Did you see any sharks?  It’s one of the most common questions on a boat. Fortunately, if you dive with Jupiter Dive Center, the answer…

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Diver in turquoise fins sat at back of boat

‘Tis the Season—to Dive!

The holidays are right around the corner and whether you are interested in equipment or travel experiences, Jupiter Dive Center can help you select the…

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Shark on wreck

Something To Be Thankful for in Jupiter, Florida: Scuba Diving!

When it comes to planning your Thanksgiving holiday, it’s never too early—especially if you want to get out of town and do things that don’t…

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Diver on reef at night

The Perfect Dive Light—and How to Choose One (or Two!)

Every diver needs a dive light. It’s better to have two—and not just because you’re planning a night dive. Flashlights are one of the most…

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Golaith Grouper close up Alan C Egan

Goliath Groupers Need You!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)is Considering REMOVING The MORATORIUM On Goliath Groupers To Allow Sport Fishing. In 1994, Goliath groupers were declared…

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Three tech divers

Scuba Diving—Sometimes it’s Technical!

You’ve earned your open water scuba certification, gotten some experience. Now you want a new challenge.  You want to go deeper, stay longer, learn more—more…

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Scubility—Adaptive Diving for Divers and their Buddies

Every scuba diver must rely on specialized equipment and training in order to explore the depths. This is true whether the diver is able-bodied or…

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JDC Marine Interaction Blog Feature

5 Tips for Interacting with Marine Life

Summer vacations are underway and as any experienced traveler knows, when immersing yourself in an unfamiliar world it’s important to learn a bit about the…

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