Boat Diver 

Most of the best dive sites are only accessible by boat, which means as some point, you’re likely to find yourself--and all your gear--on deck. So now what? Join Jupiter Dive Center and discover the different types of boat diving and how to safely dive from them all.

The Fun Part

Whether you are planning a live-aboard vacation or an afternoon on a charter boat, there are certain things every diver needs to know about etiquette and boating safety. The fun part is putting it all into practice and visiting a spectacular dive site only accessible by boat!

What to Expect

The types and features of boats vary greatly—from commercial charters, to privately owned crafts. Learn the safety features that are common to all vessels, how to safely board and exit boats (at the dock and when diving), how to plan a trip and what to take, captain and crew briefings, lines, and underwater navigation from a boat. Once the classroom portion of the course is complete, students will accompany their instructor onto a boat and demonstrate their knowledge. Divers who complete both the classroom and dives will receive a Boat Diver certification.

What Do You Need?

All Jupiter Dive Center charters are drift dives and each diver must have their own surface marker buoy and a timing device. Enriched Air certification is recommended, but not required.

The Nitty-Gritty 

  • This course is available throughout the year!
  • Students meet at Jupiter Dive Center at 9:00 a.m.
  • Divers must present their scuba diving certification card at check-in
  • All divers must have a surface marker buoy and timing device
  • Need equipment? Jupiter Dive Center has basic gear for rent, and specialized gear for purchase
  • Book now by calling (561) 745-7807 or click here!

Your Next Adventure

Once you complete your Boat Diver certification, you may be interested in checking out our dive vacations! Click here for more information.


Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how to comfortably and safely dive from a boat. Reserve your spot now by calling (561)745-7807 or visit our website here!