Marine Life

Green Moray close up

That’s a Moray!

“What did you see?” is the common refrain when divers return to the boat. In Jupiter, Florida that could be anything from sharks, sawfishes, turtles,…

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Reef manta ray

Lemons and Turtles and…Manta Rays? Oh, My!

The lure of warm weather, coral reefs, and shipwrecks draws both divers and marine life to the coast of our Sunshine State—especially when much of…

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Underwater view of grey whale looking at camera, Magadalena bay, Baja California, Mexico

Marine Migrations Create Bucket-List Dives

Marine migration plays a large role in the ever-changing dive experiences to be found in Florida waters. There are various reasons sea creatures migrate and…

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When Life Gives You Lemons—Go Diving! Group of lemon sharks from below in black and white

When Life Gives You Lemons—Go Diving!

Did you see any sharks?  It’s one of the most common questions on a boat. Fortunately, if you dive with Jupiter Dive Center, the answer…

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Golaith Grouper close up Alan C Egan

Goliath Groupers Need You!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)is Considering REMOVING The MORATORIUM On Goliath Groupers To Allow Sport Fishing. In 1994, Goliath groupers were declared…

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JDC Marine Interaction Blog Feature

5 Tips for Interacting with Marine Life

Summer vacations are underway and as any experienced traveler knows, when immersing yourself in an unfamiliar world it’s important to learn a bit about the…

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JDC FWC Blog Feature

Conservation and the Role of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

The ocean is vast and wonderous, and protecting it is important to everyone at Jupiter Dive Center. We stress conservationism in our courses, organize cleanups,…

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JDC Turtle Blog Feature

Sea Turtles 101: It All Starts in Jupiter

Mark your calendars and grab your gear! Sea turtle nesting season starts in March, and a nine-mile stretch of sand off Jupiter just happens to…

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JDC Seafan Blog Feature

SEAFAN – The Southeast Florida Action Network

Jupiter Dive Center and Southeast Florida Action Network (SEAFAN) have joined forces to protect our reefs. April 28, 2021 6:00pm – 7pm  Email to…

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Spectacular Sawfish

Our recent dives were typical of winter diving off the coast of Jupiter. Good vis, 74 degrees, and a slight north current, where we saw…

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