Dive Bonaire with Jupiter Dive Center!

Ah, Bonaire: gin-clear water, a massive marine park, sixty dive sites accessible from shore, more dive spots to explore by boat, rich marine life, and unsurpassed natural beauty. This Caribbean Island is truly a diver’s paradise—and in December, you can join Jupiter Dive Center and see it all firsthand!

Bonaire, along with Aruba and Curaçao, comprise the ABC Islands in the eastern Caribbean. Until 2010, Bonaire was part of the Netherlands Antilles and its Dutch influence is still very much a part of the 111 square mile-island’s vibe. But you don’t need to speak Dutch, and the US dollar is the official currency.

But why join a group when you could strike out on your own? We’re glad you asked….

Hawksbill Turtle, Bonaire

We’ve Been There, Done That—And Can’t Wait to Go Back!


Before you became a diver, had you ever heard of Raja Ampat? How about the Bloody Bay Wall? No? Jupiter Dive Center knows all about these places, because we’ve been there. It’s the same with Bonaire. We’ve done the research, visited the resort, and spoken to the dive operators we’ll be using. In short, we’ve done our homework and made all the arrangements—so you don’t have to. 

We’ll be staying at Buddy Dive which is located just steps from the ocean and has easy access to several dive sites. The resort has seven buildings, a full-service dive center, two swimming pools, two restaurants, and a drive-thru fill station! Built with active people in mind, the resort is the perfect base for diving, and checking out the rest of the island!

Speaking of Buddies…You’ll Always Have One!

Has it been a while since your last dive? We’re in the water with you. New divers in particular often feel more comfortable diving with a group. And a dive vacation allows you to dial in your skills and increase your confidence. With advanced notice, we can even arrange various certification courses.  

Traveling with Jupiter Dive Center will introduce you to other divers who share your passion for the ocean. But don’t worry you can interact with the group as little or as much as you chose when traveling with us. 

Bonaire Bus Transfer

The Bonaire Dive Trip Package

    • 7 Nights at Buddy Dive
    • Rental truck for unlimited Shore Diving
    • Free nitrox
    • Breakfast daily
    • On-island transfers
    • Room options include double or single occupancy.
    • Rebreathers are welcome!

Please note, the flight is not included.

For additional details, check out our travel webpage for our December Bonaire Dive Trip!

We always recommend travel insurance, because while we take care of all the arrangements, occasionally life intrudes and you may need to alter your plans.  One thing we do require is that all divers have DAN insurance (and really, that’s something you should obtain as soon as you are certified).

Most of the divers who travel with us come back again and again. Book early, as our trips routinely sell out. All it takes is a deposit, and all you need is your sense of adventure!

What are you waiting for? Dive Bonaire with Jupiter Dive Center!

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