Dive Equipment spotlight: Some New Options for 2020!

Dive Equipment spotlight: Some New Options for 2020!

All you need to do is look to your phone to realize how quickly technology changes, but you may not realize that scuba technology is always advancing as well. Dive computers today offer more options and better accuracy than even a few years ago. Even staples like regulators can be improved upon. At Jupiter Dive Center, we carry the latest scuba technology and have the knowledgeable staff to help you make the right decisions for your gear needs.


Let’s face it. A regulator is an investment in safety, and deep down, you do want the best—and that means Scubapro.  The MK25 is a workhorse first stage, but this season introduces the D420 second stage. This second-stage includes the best of the D-series heritage with the latest advances in breathing performance. The air-balanced progressive flow control valve ensures an easy draw whether you are shallow diving or surpassing the limits of recreational depths. The Dive/Pre-dive systems adjusts with a convenient thumb tab. Wish you could switch your hose routing from one side to the other? Well, now you can. Add an easy-to-reach purge button with a comfortable mouthpiece, and you’ve got all the makings of a great regulator. Dive with DIN? No problem.

A1 & A2 Computers

Now that your breathing is under control, let’s talk computers—the Aladin Series Dive Watches to be exact. Not only do they have a great entry price point, but they’ve got a ton of great features that make them worth every penny! 

First up, the A1.
This entry level dive watch computer has a large, high-contrast display with backlight to make sure you can read your computer in all water conditions. It’s lightweight which makes it a great option to wear every day, and the modern design offers a fresh look. Even more important though, is its intuitive operation. Underwater, you want fast and easy access to all your info. Topside, being able to access your log is just as easy, and downloading your dives is a snap with wireless downloads via Bluetooth.

Thinking of leveling up? The A2 is for you.
In a nutshell, the A2 is a matrix designed dive watch computer loaded with topside and underwater features including air integration, multi-gas and cutting-edge biometrics for smarter diving.

Let’s go a little deeper.
Divers are an adventurous lot, and they often do more than one type of diving. This computer adapts to your needs. Breathing Nitrox? It’s got a mode for that. Trimix, too. Let’s not forget CCR, sidemount, gauge and freediving to round out all the modes this watch possesses. The wireless air integration constantly monitors your tank pressure and provides true remaining bottom time (RBT) so you can get the most dive time possible. Like the A1, the computer face offers superior readability with a large, high-contrast display and backlight capability. Bonus, the A2 has a convenient swim and sport mode that is an integrated activity counter and swimming stroke (distance) counter for your between-dive exercise. Finally, the A2 has an easy and intuitive menu, a graphical logbook, and convenient Bluetooth downloads that do away with the need of any extra cables or cradles—which make this a great choice for traveling.

Curious? Visit Jupiter Dive Center and see these—and many more items—for yourself. And bring your questions! Our trained staff can help you make informed decisions no matter what gear you need. Want another reason to shop local? Your USB port can’t fill your tanks, but we can. Plus, our boats are right outside the back door. So come on in and make a day of it! Let’s go diving!

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