Dive with the Giants—Goliath Groupers!

Dive with the Giants—Goliath Groupers!

One of the joys of exploring the Jupiter Wreck Trek is encountering the many goliath groupers that shelter in and around the individual wrecks. As the summer progresses, even more groupers arrive in the area to spawn.  These gentle giants are truly spectacular creatures and you can see them for yourself by joining Jupiter Dive Center on one of their weekly Wednesday Wreck Trek charters!

Diving with Goliaths

You will probably hear them first, a deep bark that booms for long distances through the water. As you drift closer to the wrecks, prepare yourself—they are big!  How big? When these gentle giants attain maturity, they can stretch up to eight feet and weigh in at 500 pounds.

Goliath Wrecks
Goliath Grouper at the Wrecks

Goliaths groupers were declared critically endangered in 1994, and the harvesting of groupers was prohibited in both state and federal waters. Historically, goliaths ranged far beyond our state, but their habitat has shrunk and now they are found primarily in southern Florida waters.

Every year, between July and September, goliath groupers gather off the coast of Jupiter to spawn. Seeing sixty or more of these behemoths is truly an experience that only a fortunate few get to experience. Although a push was made last year to reopen a limited sport season, there was not enough data to show the goliath population had rebounded enough. The effort failed—much to local divers’ delight.

Want to Learn More?

Jupiter Dive Center is proud to offer an exclusive Goliath Grouper Specialty course where you will learn all about goliath grouper identification, habitat, range, diet and role in the marine ecosystem. It starts in the classroom in the morning. Lunch is on us. Then in the afternoon, it is off on our boats for a two-tank charter where you get to put your newfound knowledge to use accompanied by your instructor. Divers who complete both portions of the class will receive a Goliath Grouper Specialty certification.

Your Next Adventure 

Goliath aggregation has begun, so there is no better time to book a spot on one of the Wednesday Wreck Trek trips.  Do not miss this opportunity to interact with these gentle giants of the ocean!

Reserve your spot now by calling (561)745-7807 or visit our website here!

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