Drift Diver Specialty Course with Jupiter Dive Center

Date:  This course is offered throughout the year!

Course fees: $309, plus online academics

The current wraps around you as glide along the reef seeing more in a single dive than you ever imagined possible. Welcome to drift diving! Learn how to use the tides and currents to your advantage. Earn a Drift Diver Specialty certification from Jupiter Dive Center and put your new skills in action off the Treasure Coast!

Drift diving is often the only way to dive certain underwater sites—and that is certainly true of the wrecks and reefs off Jupiter and other parts of the Treasure Coast. But this style of diving also offers a way to cover a lot of area with only a little effort. At the end of the dive, everyone surfaces and the boat comes to them. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

What to Expect

Like any specialty diving, learning certain techniques and knowing the safety concerns will allow you to enjoy the drift diving experience to its fullest. Students will learn about tides, currents and waves, how to use drift diving equipment such as floats and reels, the importance of buoyancy control and buddy procedures, how to navigate during drift dives, safety stop procedures and how to safely get on and off the boat.

What Do You Need?

Since all Jupiter Dive Center charters are drift dives, each diver must have their own surface marker buoy and a dive computer.


Divers must present their Open Water and Nitrox certification cards at check-in.

The Details

  • This course is available throughout the year
  • Divers will meet at Jupiter Dive Center at 11:00 a.m.
  • Divers must present their scuba diving certification card at check-in
  • All divers must have a surface marker buoy and a dive computer
  • Need equipment? Jupiter Dive Center has Scubapro gear for rent, and specialized gear for purchase
  • Book now by calling (561) 745-7807!

Your Next Adventure

Once you complete the course, you may be interested in learning more about the reef and marine life you saw while diving. Consider enrolling in Jupiter Dive Center’s exclusive Sea Turtle Awareness or Goliath Grouper Specialty course.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the ease of drift diving. Reserve your spot now by calling (561)745-7807 or visit our website here!