Equipment and Tank Service

Dive with Confidence!

Divers depend on their equipment, and you can trust Jupiter Dive Center to provide comprehensive, professional service for all your gear. Our on-site technicians deliver manufacturer-certified service with branded manufactured parts and offer visual and O2 cleaning of your tanks. (Hydrostatic testing is done off-premises.)

As a Scubapro Platinum dealer, we offer warranty work in addition to standard service. Dive a Prism Rebreather? We have you covered. 

Be Prepared

JDC Scubapro regs on workbench

Manufacturers often recommend maintenance schedules for their gear, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their requirements. Seawater is corrosive, garage storage tends to be dusty, and Florida is humid—none of which creates an ideal environment for equipment.

Annual service by a certified technician catches small issues before they become big problems, and is often required to comply with manufacturers’ warranties. More importantly, with routine service, you can be confident that your equipment will give you years of safe use. 

Plan Ahead

If it’s been a while since you’ve dug out your gear, make sure to get it serviced before embarking on that dream vacation. Your destination may not have the facilities or the parts to fix your particular brand of gear. And don’t forget to service your buoyancy compensator device! BCD bladders, inflator hoses, connections, and O-rings all need to be checked out as well. In a hurry? Expedited orders are available for an additional charge.

For those diving closer to home, tanks need visual inspections (VIPs) by a professional every year and hydrostatic testing every five years. Diving Nitrox? To receive custom mixes, tanks must be O2 cleaned before they can be filled and any time after the interior has been contaminated. 

JDC Colorfu scuba Tanks

Equipment Service

Equipment requiring service can be shipped or dropped off at Jupiter Dive Center. If shipping, we recommend using a provider capable of tracking your gear. If the equipment requires warranty service, you must include the warranty information that is provided in your owner’s manual in addition to your name, mailing address, and your preferred method of contact—either your phone number or email address. One of our technicians will contact you with an estimate and will obtain payment information from you at that time.

Once Jupiter Dive Center receives and evaluates your equipment, we will email you a quote detailing the estimated cost. Once we receive your approval, we will start the service.

Please note that sometimes when the gear is disassembled, we discover additional items that require attention or that the equipment cannot be repaired. If that occurs, we will immediately contact you by phone with options. Service prices are listed below.

Please note that parts, batteries, and hoses are additional.  

We will gladly assemble, and bench test gear purchased from another location. The fee for this service is $75.00.

Tank Service