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Free Nitrox Class

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Free Nitrox Class.

Few things are better than hitting the water during the hot months of summer. But why be content with merely being on the surface when you can go below it? Now through June 30 sign up for a basic scuba diving course with Jupiter Dive Center and we’ll include a Nitrox eLearning class free!

Let’s be honest, foreign travel just isn’t appealing at the moment. The good news is that by learning to dive, you can plan a local vacation to Jupiter, Florida that still allows you to explore a whole new world! Imagine that first breath underwater, the feeling of weightlessness, seeing fish and other marine animals in their natural environment.

And there’s no better place to learn to dive than in sunny Florida. Jupiter has the world’s third largest barrier reef just off-shore providing an opportunity to visit the nation’s only coral reef. Florida has warm water, vibrant reef fish, and plenty of wrecks to explore.

In fact, summer is an active time in our coastal waters. Sea turtles return to the nearby shores to nest and are frequently seen on the reefs. Goliath groupers also visit the area to spawn and seeing one of these gentle giants in the water is awe-inspiring—now image dozens! Rays and other large animals often take advantage of the Gulf Stream and pass through.

Learning to dive has never been easier. It starts with an eLearning course which allows you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Typically, this takes about eight hours to complete. The next step is to meet with an instructor for three half-day, in-water sessions where you’ll first learn the basic skills in a confined environment and then practice and demonstrate your proficiency in the ocean. To make it even easier, we’ll schedule the sessions around your schedule (pending the tide schedule at Phil Foster Park where the initial session will take place, and boat availability). The cost for the open water course is $629.00, plus the cost of the eLearning course which is $130.00. Students must have their own mask, snorkel, fins and gear bag, but we’ll outfit you in everything else you need for the class.

Now let’s talk about that nitrox course. What’s the big deal about nitrox? Breathing enriched air allows divers to safely extend their no decompression time (don’t worry, you’ll understand this term after your open water course) and spend more time underwater. Simply stated; longer dives, shorter surface intervals. What’s not to love?

Here’s the deal. Purchase an SDI (Scuba Divers International) open water course through Jupiter Dive Center, and your Nitrox eLearning module is on us—a $140.00 value! The only item you pay for is a $25.00 workshop fee with an instructor to ensure you understand the course work you completed and then demonstrate your ability to analyze enriched gas-filled scuba cylinders. But hurry! This offer is limited to the first 15 divers who sign up. Call Jupiter Dive Center at 561-745-7807 and start your adventure now!

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