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Please Join Us on Mon July 25, 2022



  • 2-Tank Morning Dive $100 per diver
  • Check-in at 8:00 am at the Dive Center
  • Certification cards for Nitrox to be presented
  • Rental gear, charge is $25 per diver
  • Divers need surface marker buoys

As a thank you to our HERO DIVE supporters, we are chartering a morning boat with Jupiter Dive Center on Monday July 25, 2022 and would like you to join us. LifeWaters is covering the cost for the charter, divers are only responsible for rental equipment if they need it.

Jupiter, Florida is a premier dive location for many reasons—including the fact that the nation’s only coral reef runs just offshore. Add to that an abundance of vibrant reef fish, large pelagic's swimming in the Gulf Stream, one of the world’s most important sea turtle nesting beaches, and bucket list dives, well, you really can’t go wrong!

More than 100,000 threatened and endangered sea turtles nest on Florida beaches every summer. In fact, nearly 90 percent of sea turtle nesting in the U.S. occurs in Florida from March through October of each year. 2020 saw 16,935 sea turtle nests on our 9.5 mile stretch of beach.

There are seven species of sea turtles globally, 5 of which can be found in Florida the Hawksbill, Green, Leatherback, Loggerhead, and Kemp's Ridley. The leatherback is the largest, the Kemp's Ridley turtle is the smallest!

Turtle Time JDC Green Turtle

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