Jupiter Dive Center Summer Schedule

Jupiter Dive Center Summer Schedule

Summer is right around the corner and at Jupiter Dive Center we’re shaking things up with our summer schedule and new hunting and sightseeing trips! Check out our Facebook page for the latest event announcements, but for those who like to plan ahead, here’s what you can expect.

Our Summer Schedule
Starting June 6th we’ll be offering afternoon 2-tank charters during the week in addition to the afternoon dives we offer on the weekends. Morning charters leave the dock at 9 a.m. and afternoon trips leave at 1:30 p.m.

Lobster Season
Lobster mini-season opens at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday, July 24th through Thursday, July 25th. Watch for our Facebook announcement regarding dedicated boats during this two-day bug hunt.

Lobster season opens in August and for those planning to catch their dinner, on August 6th and 7th we’re dedicating both our morning and afternoon trips to lobster dives (make sure you have your license and appropriate tag!).

After the initial opening, we will continue to dedicate our Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon charters to lobster hunters for the rest of the season.

Wreck Wednesdays
Beginning July 10th we’ll be heading to the wrecks every Wednesday (excluding mini season).

Goliath Dives
Goliath Groupers aggregate in the waters off Jupiter, Florida and if you’ve never seen a gathering of goliaths, you’re in for a treat! Starting August 12th, join us Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday afternoons and see these gentle giants for yourself. Each afternoon we’ll dedicate one of our boats to goliath dives.

Three Tank Dives
June 11th we are offering a 3-tank Ana Cecilia trip. The first dive will explore the Jupiter wreck trek, the second dive will be on the Ana Cecile, and the third dive will be on a Jupiter Reef.

Stay tuned for special 3-tank dive trips in August. Watch our Facebook page for more details!

Night Dives
Dive by the light of the full moon! Our 2-tank night dives start with a sunset dive followed by a moonlit second dive. Come dive with us on June 15th, July 13th,  and August 17th.

Join us for a special 4th of July night dive—enjoy a 1-tank charter and then watch the fireworks from the boat!

Looking for something to do on Labor Day Weekend? Join us August 31st for a 2-tank night dive!

And More!
Our event posts on Facebook will share more details, but watch for the following special trips!

Sunday June 16 — Go deep on a Tech Trip to Hole in the Wall.

June 26 — Help maintain the health of our reefs by participating in a lionfish hunt.

July 9 — a special Tuesday Wreck Trek dive

July 16 — Bleach Watch presentation by ERM at 6p.m.

July 30 — Return to the Ana Cecilia.

We can’t wait to see you this summer. Call Jupiter Dive Center to book your dives today! 561-745-7807

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