Jupiter, Florida: The Perfect Spring Break Destination

Jupiter, Florida: The Perfect Spring Break Destination

Daydreaming of earning a new diving certification? How about getting up close and personal with amazing marine life? Want to visit a destination that will keep you busy long after the dive has ended? Jupiter, Florida checks all the boxes and Jupiter Dive Center makes it all happen.

Spring break is the perfect time for anyone to visit Jupiter, Florida—but especially divers. Warm, clear water, bucket list experiences, and plenty of fish that call our coral reefs home. March and April mark the return of sea turtles, who nest on our local beaches. Looking for something larger? Jupiter is also home to year-round and seasonal shark populations. In fact, the lemon shark migration is an annual event that attracts divers from all over the world!

As divers we’ve all seen things underwater that we’d wished we knew more about. Jupiter is the perfect locale to earn your shark and sea turtle specialty certification—and they just happen to be two of Jupiter Dive Center’s top three courses.

Let’s take them one at a time.

Shark Awareness

Love them or hate them, everybody should take a shark specialty course. Why? Because when it comes to sharks, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. So much so, that many people don’t realize the key role sharks play in keeping our oceans healthy.

Year-round we see reef, nurse, lemon, and the occasional hammerhead and bull sharks. This time of year, we encounter even more lemons, and migrating blacktips. Learn more about diving with sharks and shark conservation with the Shark Awareness Specialty Course at Jupiter Dive Center!

Sea Turtle Awareness

Let’s face it. Sea turtles are too cute to ignore! Five species can be found off the Jupiter coast, and sadly, all are considered endangered. The three most abundant species are the loggerhead, hawksbill, and green sea turtles. Less abundant, but significant are the giant leatherbacks and the much smaller Kemps’ Ridleys. Learn how to identify these majestic creatures and the steps you can take to help protect them in Jupiter Dive Center’s Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty Course.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

It’s never too late or too soon to work on your buoyancy. Having impeccable neutral buoyancy is good for so many reasons:

  • Save air and enjoy longer dives
    • Save energy—no more kicking your legs about or flapping your arms to stay in one spot
    • It allows you to get close to corals and aquatic life without kicking up the sand or causing any damage to fragile corals
  • Allows you to take clear photographs and videos without scaring away the fish!

Protect what you love by taking a Peak Performance Buoyancy course.

So, now that your days are taken care of, we want to assure you that there’s plenty of other things to do in Jupiter, diver or not! Check out the restaurants (may we suggest, The Dive Bar for sushi and waterside dining?), the sights (Blowing Rocks Preserve, the Jupiter Lighthouse, and plenty of wide-open beaches), and hotel accommodations to fit any budget! Check out more options at Jupiter tourism!

This spring break, you could be diving into the mesmerizing waters of Jupiter, Florida. Contact Jupiter Dive Center today to book your adventures. No passport required!

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