Experience the thrill of the annual Lemon Shark Aggregation - off the coast of Jupiter, FL “in the good ole US of A”, no passport required!


Amazing Marine Life

Check this unique and thrilling adventure off your SCUBA diving bucket list! Lemon Drop, is a favorite site and as its name suggests, sees an influx of lemon sharks in the early months of the year. Lemon sharks are migratory and visit the waters off Jupiter from January through to March. Known for their color, Lemon sharks have a pale lemon brown hue to their skin. There may be as many as two dozen of these large, impressive sharks circling over the sand and returning again for another go-around. Mature lemon sharks typically measure around 10.5 feet. They make the reef sharks appear very small! Sign Up for our newsletter and stay up to date.

Shark Awareness
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Great Dive Boats

We offer daily two-tank dive charters at 9:00 a.m plus an afternoon charter at 1:30 p.m. on weekends, plus some three tank excursions too! Our two 40-foot dive boats, Republic IV and Republic VII are docked at our back door and ensure a comfortable trip to the dive sites. The boat trip price includes your boat trip use of weights on the boat, snacks, sodas, and drinking water. Check out our dive calendar.

Wonderful Conditions

Dive into the warm tropical water off Palm Beach County with Jupiter Dive Center. Air temperatures during the lemon shark usually range from 75 to 85 degrees (average 80 degrees). Water temperatures average 72 to 74 degrees in the winter and 84 degrees in the summer. Dive visibility in Jupiter, FL ranges from 60 to 80 feet depending upon current and wind conditions. Sign Up for our newsletter and stay up to date with the latest conditions.

Learn To Dive
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Dive Safety

Your dive safety is of the utmost importance to us at Jupiter Dive Center.  For this reason, and to ensure that you see the best of the marine life, a qualified divemaster and/or instructor is in the water at all times. We use the buddy system, conduct safety stops on every dive, and plan adequate surface intervals between dives. We recommend using Nitrox to maximize your time underwater at the depths of our reefs and wrecks (65ft-85ft).

Your Booking Options

  • Individuals and smaller groups, check your dates on our calendar and book up online.
  • Groups bookings, let us know how many in your party and the dates you want to visit, be for a single charter or an entire week!
  • Sign Up for our newsletter and stay up to date.



Jupiter, Florida where every week is Shark Week!