Next Level Diving: Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air

Next Level Diving: Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air

You’ve done it! You’ve earned your basic scuba certification, gone on plenty of dives, and decided scuba diving is a sport you enjoy. Many divers find that to fully appreciate the underwater realm, they need to gain a few more skills. Two classes, in particular, can help you get to—and stay—at the depths where you want to be: Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air. Jupiter Dive Center offers both courses—and more!

Groupers on the Zion Wreck - Pat Ford

A basic open water certification is just that. Basic. It gives you all the skills you need to safely enjoy depths to sixty feet. But let’s face it, there are a lot of cool things to explore beneath that level.

If you’re diving in Jupiter, Florida, many of the most visited reefs are deeper. The popular Wreck Trek plunges to ninety feet in areas. The accepted recreational diving depth limit is 120 feet and to be able to explore the range between 60-120 feet requires divers to be advanced open water certified.

The deeper you dive, the quicker you’ll consume your air—and the more nitrogen your body will absorb. That’s where the second course comes in. Learning how to benefit by diving with enriched air is a game-changer!

Let’s look at some of the specifics.

Simply put, earning an advanced scuba certification allows you to explore more ocean while equipping you with the knowledge and skills to do it safely. Bonus, the class is tailored to your interests! 

Each class includes instruction on deep diving and underwater navigational skills, but then you can discuss the other options available with your instructor. 

Some of the areas you may want to consider include boat diving, underwater photography, fish identification, night diving, wreck diving, and more! 

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Diver giant striding with nitrox tank

The nitrox – enriched air certification is the most popular specialty certification available—regardless of your certification level.

  • Want to safely extend your no-decompression time and remain underwater longer?
  • How about reducing your surface interval? 

Nitrox can help you accomplish both!

The course is online, no dives are required, and once you finish the online academics, you’ll work with an instructor to demonstrate your ability to analyze tanks and confirm that you understand depth limitations. That’s it! You can be diving with enriched air on your very next dive.

The above courses are just two of the many courses Jupiter Dive Center offers to help improve your dive skills and enhance your enjoyment of the underwater realm. Diving skills are perishable if they aren’t practiced—so if it’s been a while since your last dive, you may want to boost your confidence with a refresher course. Specific skills are best developed with an instructor, but to become an all-around better diver, you need to log dives.

So what are you waiting for? Call Jupiter Dive Center at 561-745-7807 and book your dive  or class today!

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