Nitrox- Enriched Air Diver 

Breathing enriched air allows divers to safely extend their no decompression time and spend more time underwater—which explains why the Nitrox -Enriched Air Diver certification is the most popular specialty certification available. Want a shorter surface interval? You guessed it. Nitrox. Learn why, and try it for yourself!

The Fun Part

Longer dives. Shorter surface intervals. What else can we say?

What to Expect 

This eLearning course is designed to teach students how to safely use nitrox mixtures up to 40 percent while diving. Students will also learn the history of enriched air, the physiology of using it, equipment considerations, and the advantages and disadvantages of diving with Nitrox. No dives are required for this certification, but students must demonstrate their ability to analyze tanks and accurately apply that information to determine depth limits.

What Do You Need? 

Frankly, not much. Once students complete the eLearning modules, they must demonstrate their proficiency analyzing a cylinder with an enriched air Nitrox mixture, and accurately record the information.

The Nitty-Gritty

  • This course is available on a continual basis
  • Students must present proof of eLearning completion
  • Tanks will be analyzed at Jupiter Dive Center
  • The SDI Computer Nitrox certification is $140.00 including the online academics plus $25 for the Jupiter Dive Center in store workshop.
  • Book now by calling (561) 745-7807 or click here!

Your Next Adventure

Once you complete the Nitrox course, you may be interested in putting that extended dive time to good use with a photography course!

Don’t miss this opportunity to do more of what you love—dive! Discover the benefits of diving with Nitrox. Reserve your spot now by calling (561)745-7807 or visit our website here!