Prep Now for Summer Diving! 

Summer is going to be here before you know it, and a bit of planning now, means plenty of time to spend scuba diving when those glorious sunny days roll around! Whether it’s travel planning, equipment tune-ups, getting that new certification you’ve been meaning to sign up for, finding the perfect mask, or just getting out on the boat, Jupiter Dive Center has a crew of experienced, talented, and enthusiastic people to make sure your summer dreamin’ becomes a reality!

Gear Service

Now’s the perfect time to get your equipment serviced. 

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No matter how well you treat your gear, you still need to take your equipment to a professional for annual service. Even if you didn’t dive, time, dust, and storage in a humid garage can damage equipment. Jupiter Dive Center has a full-service department for all your equipment repair needs, staffed by experienced technicians! Obviously, as a Platinum Scubapro Dealer, our technicians are certified to repair or service Scubapro products, but did you know they have the knowledge and expertise to work on a wide variety of other popular brands? Adam has more than twenty years of experience and Sam has eighteen! That makes them the perfect people to help you with any equipment issues or questions you may have.

Looking forward to a dive trip? It’s always a smart idea to service your gear before you leave. Some destinations may not have the facilities or parts to fix your particular brand of gear. 

Destination Diving—in Jupiter, Florida

Because sometimes the best vacation doesn’t require a passport

Jupiter, Florida is a dive destination and we are proud to introduce divers from around the world to our waters. No one knows the dive sites like a local and we place a critter spotter/floatball operator on every dive. 

Ryan K has been crewing for us for the past 11 years and he’s joined by Sofia, Amy, and Barry who are all eager to share their knowledge and passion about our wildlife and special dive sites. At the end of the dive, Tony, who has been with us for 3 years, will be waiting on deck to help you in and out of the water.

Jupiter Dive Center has two 40-foot dive boats and Captains Ryan, and Brad bring their knowledge of the area and seas to provide the best possible experience.

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Destination Diving—Across the Globe

Because sometimes it’s nice to get away

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Divers are explorers, so it’s no surprise they like to travel, too. Several times each year, Jupiter Dive Center offers opportunities to travel to premiere dive destinations around the world. Why dive with us? Because we’ve been there. We’ve done the research, visited the resorts, and spoken to the dive operators we’ll be using. In short, we’ve done our homework and made all the arrangements, so you don’t have to.

This year, we’ve got trips to Indonesia, Little Cayman, and the Socorro Islands. Other years, we’ve traveled to Raja Ampat, Dunbar Rock in Honduras, the Solomon Islands, and more! 

Check out our travel page to learn more—or talk to Marcelo.  Marcelo’s been with us for 8 years – and currently fills the newly created role of reservation coordinator. He focuses on working with students and group reservations along with social media. 

In the Shop

Gear, information, real smiling people—it all starts here

When you walk into JDC and see the walls lined with gear and display cases full of equipment and cameras, it would be easy to think of the shop as merely a store, but it’s so much more. At JDC, you’ll find people with equipment knowledge, you can get your tanks serviced and filled, rent scuba gear, learn about travel destinations, make charter reservations, chat about the best time to see your favorite marine life, sign up for classes, and yes, buy some really great gear. 

All of our crew members are eager to help—and you may just find your dream job at the same time! Just ask Darby. The connection she made with one of our crew members made her realize she wanted to pursue her passion for diving and be a part of the JDC team.

JDC Shop Staff

Now she can be found in the shop sharing her own enthusiasm for the sport, or you can find her on the boat as an instructor. And speaking of instructors…

In the Classroom and On the Boat

Are you ready to earn your first—or next dive certification?

JDC Blog Ryan, Matt and Brad

Dive instructors all started as open-water divers. The best ones remember the excitement of that first breath underwater. There are different levels of instructors, but what ours all have in common is the desire to share their love of the sport and to make sure their students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to dive safely. 

Sandy brings her years of experience from her career in education and adds them to her 14 years with JDC. Dave is a master scuba instructor with over 3200 dives in his logbook and is certified to teach more than 30 specialty topics. 

Charlie has been with JDC just over a year, but gained plenty of industry experience; first at a dive center in Indianapolis and then from the three-year stint he crewed on a Caribbean liveaboard. Matt likes to point to his prior career as a Tactical Communications Instructor to explain why it’s easy for him to develop such a strong rapport with his students. Shelbie, left her home in California to follow her passion for diving and now calls Florida her home. Last, but certainly not least, Hellen has been a boat captain, guide, and instructor since 2007. Her passion is to help people with disabilities learn how to scuba dive safely and comfortably. JDC is proud to offer SDI Scubility certifications for divers, buddies, and instructors.

Finally, Gerry and I are very proud to have such a professional, passionate, and fun crew. Some of the names have changed over the twenty-two years we’ve been in business, and some may change in the years ahead of us, but their caliber won’t. Their individual expertise and positive attitude make the concept of ‘work’ easy, but ultimately, it’s about being able to provide an informative, safe, and fun experience for you.

Summer is right around the corner—and we can’t wait to dive with you.

Gerry and Lisa


JDC Gerry and Lisa

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