Scuba Dive Around the World with Jupiter Dive Center! 

Divers are some of the most well-traveled people. Why? Divers are naturally curious and enjoy exploring areas above and below the waterline. Jupiter Dive Center understands. We also know that planning a dive vacation can be daunting. That’s why we do it for you—and here’s what we have planned in 2024!


April 27– May 8, 2024

Gaia-Love aerial view

Diving in the Banda Sea in Indonesia offers divers the chance to explore what is arguably the most biodiverse marine ecosystem in the world. Cruise the seas around the original Spice Islands on the Gaia Love liveaboard and experience steep drop offs, impressive hard corals, and some fast currents. The crystal-clear waters are home to schools of jacks, large tuna, turtles, Napoleon wrasse, rays, sharks, sea snakes and more. There are also special critter sites for the macro enthusiast including the chance to dive around Ambon Bay. The adventure doesn’t stop when the sun sets, either. At dusk, the reefs come alive with a whole new cast of characters.

Your package includes:

    • 11 nights’ accommodations on the Gaia Love
    • 4 dives a day with nitrox
    • Meals and snacks
    • Transfers

Little Cayman

June 8-15, 2024

Our dive trip to Little Cayman Island is a perennial favorite, but you have to book fast—this trip routinely sells out. Why is it so popular? One reason is the Bloody Bay wall—a pristine underwater site rated the best diving in the Caribbean by National Geographic.

But that’s only the beginning. 

    • 17 boat dives
    • An optional day trip to Cayman Brac 
    • Concierge diving with Reef Divers (and we do mean concierge!) 
    • Lodging and meals at Little Cayman Beach Resort

Discover for yourself why this experience is a holiday many of our divers return to year after year. 


Socorro Islands

November 2024


Pssst!  You know a place is great when it’s the owner’s favorite location to dive! Welcome to the Socorro Islands, where whale sharks, dolphins, and mantas are just a few of the amazing marine animals you’ll encounter. Acclimated to divers, many of the pelagics that are found around the Socorro Islands are as curious about you as you are about them, which leads to some great photo opportunities. Join us on the Nautilus Belle Amie live aboard as we explore the waters around these Jurassic Park-like islands! Oh, and did we mention, schooling hammerheads, humpback whales, pilot whales? That and so much more!

November and December boast the warmest water temps of the year and hover in the low 80s. This package includes:

    • 19 dives
    • 80 CF aluminum air tank
    • Stateroom and all meals 
    • non-alcoholic beverages

Jupiter, Florida - Every day of the year!

Looking for something a bit closer to home? Jupiter, Florida offers outstanding year-round diving—no passport required.

In addition to the many species that call the waters off Jupiter home, Jupiter is a destination for nesting turtles, aggregating goliath grouper, and more.

Next up? Lemon sharks begin visiting around the first of the year! 


A word about insurance

JDC-DAN image

There is a difference between dive insurance, which covers the diver, and travel insurance, which covers the trip. (Here’s a post that explains more about travel insurance.)

Jupiter Dive Center requires that traveling divers have DAN dive insurance or similar insurance to cover any dive-related health emergency. While not compulsory, travel insurance is highly recommended.

The most difficult part of planning a dive vacation is deciding where to go. Jupiter Dive Center makes it easy. Call us today at 561-745-7807 to make sure you don’t miss the boat! 

A Reminder About New Certification Requirements

Diving is an inherently dangerous sport, but fortunately, it doesn’t take much to substantially minimize the risk, and diver safety is Jupiter Dive Center’s number one priority. Please remember that all divers are required to have a nitrox certification, a surface marker buoy, a dive computer, and appropriate certifications for depth. Many of our charters require an advanced open-water certification and that information is noted on the booking page under each dive. 

Lobster Sport Season July 24-25 2024

Lobster Sport Season is just around the corner and if you want to catch your dinner, there are a couple of things you need to know. (For some tips check out this blog post –but don’t pay attention to the dates, it’s from 2020), Our lobster dive charters require divers to be advanced open water and nitrox certified. During Lobster sport season, destinations are chosen with hunting in mind. Each diver is responsible for having their own recreational saltwater fishing license, any appropriate permits, and to practice hunting in compliance with season, size, and limits (here’s a link to the current regulations). We always maintain communal catch coolers on our boats. Happy hunting and bon appetit!

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