Scuba Dive with Lemon Sharks in Jupiter Florida

Scuba Dive with Lemon Sharks in Jupiter Florida

Grab your gear, it’s time to scuba dive with lemon sharks in Jupiter Florida! The lemons have arrived for the season, and Jupiter Dive Center will show you where.

Majestic. Graceful. Awe-inspiring.

Few underwater encounters spark the imagination as much as seeing a shark while diving.  This time of year, lemon sharks migrate from the waters of  North and South Carolina and congregate along our reefs in Jupiter. The sharks arrive in groups and favor a few specific locations (one aptly dubbed Lemon Drop). We do not bait or feed sharks. Instead, divers and underwater photographers get up close and personal with the sharks in their natural habitat.

Florida law protects lemon sharks. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists lemon sharks as “Near Threatened” on their Red List which is used to establish guidelines for conservation efforts.

A Bit About Lemon Sharks

First, some fast facts:

  • A mature lemon sharks typically measures in at 10.5 feet by age twelve
  • Their average age is 27+ years
  • They give birth to live young and their litters range in size from 4-17 pups.
  • Each pup is about 2 feet long.
  • Lemons feed on bony fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, rays, small sharks, and the occasional sea bird.
  • Like all sharks, lemons frequently lose teeth. There is no prohibition against collecting shark teeth, and sharp-eyed divers can find these souvenirs along the reefs and in the surrounding sand.
  • Lemon sharks can live in both salt and fresh water (but they tend not to venture too far upstream in freshwater environments)
The Fear Factor

Not everyone wants to see a shark. We get that. But a fear of sharks is often based on a lack of understanding. Peter Benchley, the author of the 1974 blockbuster novel, Jaws, became a shark conservationist and stressed that the book was fiction. “Sharks don’t target human beings, and they certainly don’t hold grudges.”

If encountering a large marine animal makes you nervous, consider taking a Shark Specialty course. This one day course starts in the classroom, where a dive instructor discusses the myths and realities regarding sharks. Learn how to identify the different species that frequent our waters and how to evaluate their behavior. After the classroom portion and lunch, you’ll be able to complete two guided dives with your instructor. Finish the day with a brand new certification!

Remember, knowledge is power.

Book Your Dive Now!

It’s easy with our online reservation system or call the shop at (561)745-7807. All Jupiter Dive Center charters are drift dives, so in addition to your certification card, divers will need to have a surface marker buoy and a timing device.

What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to scuba dive with lemon sharks in Jupiter, Florida!

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    1. They should be around until the end of February, weather dependent, we currently only have the one class scheduled, however if we have the demand we will be sure to post any additional classes on our web site and facebook.

    1. Ruben, the dive sites are 2-3 miles from the inlet in 60 to 90 feet of water you can dive them on air however you will have much better bottom time on Nitrox, the boat ride is $75.

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