Scubility—Adaptive Diving for Divers and their Buddies

SDI Scubiliity Blog Jared & HEvery scuba diver must rely on specialized equipment and training in order to explore the depths. This is true whether the diver is able-bodied or has disabilities or health issues that make diving more challenging. But there are plenty of ways to overcome those challenges—and Jupiter Dive Center can help.

Our instructors are trained to help people with disabilities learn how to scuba dive safely and comfortably.  We’re proud to offer SDI Scubility certifications for both divers and buddy divers.

JDC Scubiliity Blog DP JaredThat first breath underwater is a thrilling experience; but even more exciting is the opportunity to visit fish in their natural environment, swim over pristine reefs, and explore mysterious wrecks. The benefits of participating in outdoor activities are well documented and enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Scuba diving offers one aspect that few other adaptive sports can match—defying gravity. And that zero-gravity environment can be liberating.

Adapt, accommodate, and enjoy!

The SDI Scubility Diver Program is designed to give physically disabled divers the necessary skills and techniques used to dive in conditions similar to their training—without the direct supervision of an SDI Scubility Instructor. 

Scubility is a highly personalized adaptive sport course and is tailored to the needs of the individual student in regards to equipment, teaching methods, and alternative options for critical skills. The academic requirements are the same as the standard SDI open water course, although the manner of presentation may vary depending on student needs.

After the academics are completed, students will visit the pool or other “confined water” location and learn basic skills such as mask clearing and regulator recovery while discovering the adaptive swimming technique and appropriate equipment (such as webbed gloves) that is right for them.

Students will learn alternative entry and exit techniques in the open water training. Throughout the course, instructors will work with students to adapt the requirements of the course to the divers’ needs without sacrificing safety, competency, or dignity.

JDC LifewatersThe key element of Scubility training is flexibility: instructors grant certifications according to which performance requirements the diver is personally able to meet. For some students, that means diving with any certified buddy diver. For others, that may mean diving with a qualified SDI Scubility dive buddy.

Jupiter Dive Center partners with both LifeWaters and Dive Pirates and shares the goal of opening up the underwater realm to anyone interested in obtaining a scuba diving certification. It’s important to note that students are often eligible for financial assistance for their Scubility training.

Dive Pirates is a group of volunteers who believes in sharing their passion for scuba diving through the Dive Pirates Foundation, a non-profit foundation that teaches, equips, and takes disabled people on life-changing scuba diving adventures.

LifeWaters Logo 512x512LifeWaters is a St. Louis based organization that is designed to help improve the lives of veterans, first responders, and civilians, including those with mobility impairment by offering Scubility as part of their recreational water therapy. Their staff volunteers “include SCI therapists, doctors, nurses, veterans and civilians who are passionate about bringing the healing potential of scuba diving to those who need it most.”

If you thought you’d never be able to explore beneath the surface of the waves, think again. Now’s the time to take the plunge. Jupiter Dive Center can make it happen.

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