Solo Diver Course with Jupiter Dive Center

Date:  This course is offered throughout the year!

Course fees: $309, Plus online academics

Whether in search of the perfect photo, or because you don’t want to share your lobster patch with anyone else, diving solo is more common than you may think. But it’s not something to do unprepared. Join Jupiter Dive Center for this challenging course and learn how to minimize the risks of diving alone.

Imagine having the reef to yourself.  Maybe you are a photographer and diving alone increases the likelihood of getting the shot you want before other divers scare the marine critters away. Perhaps you enjoy spearfishing and often find yourself solo diving while pursuing your prey. Sometimes you just need to dive, but your buddy doesn’t have the day off.  Worse still is the diver whose definition of “buddy” means diving in the same ocean and promptly disappears after hitting the water. Regardless of the reason, many divers prefer to dive alone. There are risks, there are rewards, and the solo diver course prepares you to be a safer diver—with or without a partner.

What to Expect 

This course is to educate divers regarding the benefits, hazards, proper procedures, and proper equipment for diving alone. That includes knowing the pros and cons of having a buddy, diving without a buddy, and the legal liability a diver assumes by diving solo. The course describes the additional equipment all solo divers should carry and use, how to plan and conduct a solo dive, why navigation skills are critical for solo divers, and how to manage solo diving emergencies.

What Do You Need? 

This solo diver course is for advanced divers who are at least 18 years of age (21 for SDI courses) and have proof of 100 logged dives. Due to the nature of the course, divers will need a lift bag and reel with at least 100 feet of line, a redundant gas source such as a pony bottle, redundant depth gauge and bottom timer or dive computer, redundant surface signaling device, dive knife, slate and pencil. Enriched Air certification is required.

The Details 

  • This course is available throughout the year
  • Divers will meet at Jupiter Dive Center at 9:30 a.m.
  • Divers must present an advanced and nitrox scuba diving certification card and proof of 100 logged dives at check-in
  • All divers must have a surface marker buoy and dive computer—see above for additional equipment requirements
  • Book now by calling (561) 745-7807!

Your Next Adventure

Once you complete your solo diver course you may be interested in the Digital Underwater Photography certification, or want to brush up on your hunting and collecting skills.