Staying Warm While Diving Dry

Staying Warm While Diving Dry

There comes a time in nearly every diver’s life when they realize they’re cold. Not just a “gosh, I should have worn a skin under my wetsuit” cold; we’re talking the teeth-chattering, bone-rattling shiver that makes them think about a drysuit. Jupiter Dive Center has you covered.

Water is very efficient at absorbing heat from our bodies. Diving in any water below the average body temperature of 98.6 degrees will eventually lead to hypothermia if you stay in long enough. Throw in multiple dives or colder temperatures and it may be time to add a drysuit to your exposure suit options.

As a Scubapro Platinum Dealer, Jupiter Dive Center has a variety of drysuits from which to choose.  Scubapro divesuits lead the industry in comfort, style, and thermal protection and exceed all industry certifications. The current Scubapro line includes Evertech Dry Breathable, Everydry 4, and Exodry. Each offers a different drysuit experience.


This premium trilaminate suit is lightweight and breathable on deck, but will keep you warm and comfortable at depth. It is designed for the avid diver and is loaded with nifty features. Ergo boots protect your feet on rocky or slippery surfaces without sacrificing comfort. Quality si-tech valves ensures trouble-free airflow to maintain warmth. The front diagonal zipper makes suiting up a breeze and doesn’t require help from your buddy! Damaged seals are easy to repair or replace and the suit is outfitted with cargo pockets, D-rings, and more to secure all your gear.


The Everdry 4 offers the fit, comfort, and flexibility of a wetsuit; but in a compressed neoprene drysuit that keeps divers warm and dry. The 4mm neoprene resists compression so the drysuit can be worn with or without a thin undergarment. So what makes this one stand out from the competition? It weighs 50% less than traditional drysuit neoprene and is significantly softer. Plus, it’s seams are triple glued, double-thread blind-stitched on the outside and coated with liquid polymer on the inside, so it’s built to last. The plush lining is cozy and the smooth neoprene neck and wrist seals provide a watertight fit. The neoprene soft socks allows divers to select their own footwear, heavy-duty drysuit boots or standard neoprene dive boots. It too has plenty of extra amenities including a suspender system, a cargo pocket, hood hook, and more.


The premium-plus Exodry offers a unique approach to drysuit design by fusing 4mm high-density neoprene with latex wrist and neck seals. It’s a hybrid design that delivers minimal inherent buoyancy, and maximum flexibility. Add in a warm collar made of neoprene that covers the neck seal to eliminate cold spots and ergo dive boots that protect your feet while still feeling soft and comfy, this drysuit is a smart choice for all types of diving. It can be worn with or without an undergarment.

And speaking of…


Sometimes you don’t want to be caught without them, and the new K2 Drysuit Undergarments are available in two thicknesses. Sporting an eye-catching design, both the K2 Light and K2 Extreme are drysuit compatible.

Selecting a dry suit is an investment in safety and comfort—and our knowledgeable staff can help you make the best decision for the diving you intend to do. Drop into Jupiter Dive Center and check out all the options to keep you warm while you’re diving dry!

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