Goliath Groupers Need You!

Golaith Grouper close up Alan C Egan

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)is Considering REMOVING The MORATORIUM On Goliath Groupers To Allow Sport Fishing. In 1994, Goliath groupers were declared critically endangered and the fishing…

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Goliath Grouper Awareness Sep 6

Jupiter Dive Center is proud to offer an exclusive Goliath Grouper Specialty course where you will learn all about these amazing behemoths of the ocean. Let us introduce you to Gary the Goliath, our resident grouper!

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Goliath Grouper Jupiter

Goliath Grouper

Diving with a goliath grouper off Jupiter is an unforgettable experience. You often hear them first—their distinctive bark booming through the water. Then they swim into view, gentle giants stretching up to eight feet and weighing in at a svelte 500 pounds. It’s truly a bucket list experience, and Jupiter Dive Center can help you make it happen.

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