Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation Needs Your Help

Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation Needs Your Help

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Helping boys and girls prepare for life’s challenges is one of the primary goals of scouting and school organizations. Every summer, hundreds of young people spend a week or more at Tanah Keeta Summer Camp in Tequesta. Jupiter Dive Center is proud to help these youths learn more about the marine environment by introducing them to the joys of scuba diving.

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you took your first breath underwater? Jupiter Dive Center in partnership with the Tanah Keeta Summer Camp, provides that experience to the young men and women attending the camp. Depending on the skill level of the youth, they can choose from Discover SCUBA, Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Enriched Air Diver courses. Sadly, several programs are now in jeopardy as the pool where the instruction begins requires a complete overhaul.

As stated on the scout website “The Tanah Keeta pool is 33 years old and has not yet had any significant renovations other than patching what is already there.” Due to the rural nature of the camp, the planned overhaul is a major project that extends beyond the Olympic-sized pool and the Gulf Stream Council is asking for your help. More than half of the needed funds for the project have been raised, yet $400,000 more is needed.

So, why should you consider donating? According to the Gulf Stream Council, local Boy Scouts of America provided over 77,682 hours of community service in 2018, including food drives, conservation projects, projects that benefitted schools, churches, communities and other organizations. Altogether, the projects equated to $1.9 million dollars of service all performed in our local communities.

The Scout Oath includes a promise “…to help other people at all times.” These young people have fulfilled that promise, working hard for their communities. It’s our turn to return the favor and show them some appreciation.

To donate, please visit https://www.gulfstreamcouncil.org/pool-donations

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