The Evolution of Wrist Dive Computers

Dive computers come in an array of configurations with an abundance of capabilities, and settling on the right one can be confusing. It used to be merely a matter of deciding if you wanted a console with a direct connection or air integration via a transmitter. Now there’s one more decision to consider. How functional do you want your dive computer to be when you aren’t diving? There are some remarkable wrist dive computer options available and at Jupiter Dive Center our knowledgeable crew can help you find the perfect dive computer for your needs.

Galileo 2 (G2) Dive Computer & the Galileo 3 (G3) Wrist Dive Computer

When it comes to wrist dive computers, you can’t go wrong with the Galileo series from Scubapro. The G2 wrist computer is a full-color screen favorite. It’s easy to read with a choice of four screens. Best of all, it is incredibly simple to use with an intuitive menu structure and diver-friendly functions that you can customize.

It has an improved, full-tilt digital compass and multiple dive modes that include Scuba, Freediving, Gauge, CCR, and Sidemount for versatility. With hoseless integration that can provide support for up to 11 transmitters, this is a computer that will take you anywhere you want to go and at any level—even tech.

Great for anyone who likes an easy-to-read wrist computer.

Scubapro Galileo 3 (G3) Wrist Dive Computer

Looking for something a bit sleeker that you can use every day whether you’re in the water or not? Scubapro has you covered with their new Galileo 3—which retains all the functionality of the G2 housed in a modern watch style. A classic timepiece topside morphs into a workhorse underwater with a vibrant color display for easy readability.

The G3 utilizes four button controls to navigate through the dive modes, screen styles, and other personal dive management options. 

Great for anyone who wants a dive computer that’s a sporty timepiece above water as well.

Perdix 2 Computer & Teric Watch

The Perdix 2 is Shearwater’s toughest, most reliable full-size wrist dive computer. Its aluminosilicate glass lens offers improved clarity for the 2.2-inch screen. The multiple diving modes cover recreational and technical diving needs and menu navigation is via a two-button interface.

Divers can customize the computer’s display colors and also select vibration alerts to draw attention to critical moments of the dive. Powered by an AA battery, it has up to 40 hours of battery life.

Great for anyone who is hard on their equipment and appreciates an armored casing around their technology.

Shearwater Perdix 2

The Teric Watch has rugged construction, a sapphire crystal window, full-color resolution, and the choice of three watch faces.

For underwater use, there are multiple dive modes, side button menu navigation, and an air integration component capable of connecting up to four transmitters.

The display colors can be configured to match your personal style (or wetsuit) and there are multiple strap colors available as well. 

Great for the fashion-forward diver.

Garmin Descent Mk3 Series Dive Computer with Transmitter

The Descent Mk3 features it all—and is about to add more! If the 30 hours of battery life in dive mode doesn’t impress you, and the color maps with depth contours of more than 4,000 dive sites merely generate a shrug, then maybe the sonar-based diver messaging that is soon to be available via a software update will grab your attention.

Yup, you’ll soon be able to message your buddy underwater. In the meantime, this wristwatch dive computer offers an advanced, air-integrated dive computer plus multisport training and a whole slate of smart features to make it just as valuable topside.

Best for someone who wants it all!

JDC Garmin Descent Mk3i

The bottom line? You’ve got choices. Visit Jupiter Dive Center and see these—and many more items—for yourself. And bring your questions. Our trained staff can help you make informed decisions no matter which computer you need. 

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Dare we add that diving with lemon sharks is a great way to break in your new dive computer? We do! Call Jupiter Dive Center at 561-745-7807 or book your dive online. See you on the boat!

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