The Hydros Pro BCD by Scubapro

Equipment Spotlight: The Hydros Pro BCD by Scubapro

Deep down, you want your equipment to be the best. If it’s time to level up your scuba kit, look no further than the Hydros Pro buoyancy compensator device (BDC) from Scubapro. Winner of the Reddot Design Award in 2011, Scubapro continues to improve the feature-rich BCD and it is the go-to choice for avid divers and industry professionals.

The buoyancy compensator device is literally the backbone of your gear. It secures your air supply to your back, allows you to control your buoyancy, provides pockets and rings to keep gear within reach, has streamlined low pressure inflator/air regulators, and offers the critical safety option of quick-release weight systems. Bonus if it looks good. The Hydros Pro does all that and more.

Why the Hydros Pro is Special

First, let’s look at the design. The Hydros Pro has a 2-in-1 design that makes it remarkably versatile.  With a quick switch of clips, the BDC transforms from a fully integrated back-inflate, weight-carrying BCD to a lightweight harness, which makes it the perfect choice for any type of diving.

The fit is perfect. Designed with body grip gel, the Hydros Pro molds to your specific body shape, which greatly increases comfort and stability. Women’s Hydros Pros have smaller air bladders, shorter inflator hoses, and curved shoulder straps, demonstrating Scubapro’s commitment to designing equipment that fits all users.

The Hydros Pro is Fully Customizable

The configuration of the Hydros Pro is up to you. Don’t need integrated weight pockets for your next dive? Take them off. Want more bungees or D-rings? They are easy to add, along with pockets. There is also a wide range of mountable accessories and kits for dive knives and more. You can even choose your favorite color from an array of nine color kits!

The Hydros Pro is Designed to Travel

Divers love to travel, and the Hydros Pro makes it a lot easier. The Hydros Pro is constructed from materials that don’t absorb water—even when immersed for that long shallow reef dive. It’s dry when you pull it from the water—which makes packing that much more trouble free.

The carrying case that comes with the Hydros BCD is a backpack that accommodates your entire kit. Yes, BCD with weight pockets, wetsuit (5mm), regulator, computer, snorkel, mask, surface marker buoy, hood, dive light, and fins. Don’t believe me (because really, who would?)? Click here

to see the YouTube video where Rhys Couzyn the man who designed the Hydros and its travel backpack, demonstrates exactly how it all fits into a carryon!

Diving the Hydros Pro

Because of the air bladder placement, it is easy to stay horizontal in the water. On the surface, divers need to lean further back to compensate for the natural pitch forward of a back-inflate BCD.

Any BCD is an investment. Jupiter Dive Center is a Scubapro Platinum dealer, which means that we have the Hydros Pro in stock. Try it on, feel the comfort, examine the quality of the materials used in its construction. Best of all, if you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff is there to help.

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