The Latest Dive Gear is Available NOW at JDC

Spring is in the air, which means summer diving is right around the corner. Are you ready? We are! Despite supply chain issues that continue to plague most every industry, Jupiter Dive Center is happy to announce that we just received a long-awaited shipment from Scubapro! Our shop is stocked with the latest scuba technology and we have a knowledgeable staff that can help you make the right decisions for your gear needs.

Let’s face it. A regulator is an investment in safety, and deep down, you do want the best—and that means Scubapro.

Whether you’re just getting started or it’s time for an upgrade, we have a full inventory of regulator models to fit all your diving needs.

Our favorite? The MK25, long held as the gold standard of first stages. Pair that with the D420 second stage and you’re ready to hit the water with an air-balanced progressive flow control valve that reliably delivers the best in breathing performance. Dive with DIN? No problem!

Now let’s talk computers. We’ve got a full stock of computers for you to consider. Just starting out? Check out the Aladin Series Dive Watches. Not only do they have a great entry price point, but they’ve got a ton of great features that make them worth every penny!  

The G2 wrist computers are a full-color screen favorite. They are easy to read with a choice of four screens. Best of all, they are incredibly easy to use with an intuitive menu structure and diver-friendly functions. This is a computer that will take you anywhere you want to go and at any level—even tech.

The buoyancy compensator device is literally the backbone of your gear.

It secures your air supply to your back, allows you to control your buoyancy, provides pockets and rings to keep gear within reach, has streamlined low pressure inflator/air regulators, and offers the critical safety option of quick-release weight systems.

Bonus if it looks good. We’ve got BCDs that check all the boxes.

The Glide is a front-adjustable BCD with special design features to maximize comfort, fit and performance. The wraparound bladder ensures you’ll be comfortable regardless of the dive conditions or your position in the water.  

Glide BCD Right Side

The Hydros X is also a front adjustable BCD, but it offers divers more versatility that starts with moldable shoulders that conform to your body like a tailored fit.

Its flat-buckled quick release integrated weight system and rear trim weight pockets work together to offer more comfort and balance when diving.

Many of the components are replaceable.

Just because we’re coming into warm weather, doesn’t mean you don’t need exposure protection. We carry Scubapro wetsuits, hooded vests, rash guards, booties and gloves. We’ve also expanded our lines and now included additional vendors with proven quality products. 

Fins are another item that can impact your diving enjoyment. The right fin will propel you easily through the water. Some are more travel friendly, though, due to size and weight. Talk to our crew to determine which is best for you: Seawing Nova, Go Sport, or Go Fins. No matter your need, we have most fin sizes available. 

Visit Jupiter Dive Center and see these—and many more items—for yourself. And bring your questions! Our trained staff can help you make informed decisions no matter what gear you need. Want more reasons to visit? We can also fill your tanks, repair or service your current gear, and take you out on one of our two boats which are conveniently located just outside the back door. So come on in and make a day of it! Let’s go diving!

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