The Wonder of Winter Diving

The Wonder of Winter Diving

Winter wonderlands don’t have to have snow, and they really don’t need subzero temperatures. Visit Jupiter, Florida and discover a winter wonderland full of blue, blue water, great visibility, and sharks! Grab your jacket and join Jupiter Dive Center for a holiday you’ll never forget. We’ll even provide the hot cocoa!

What can you expect?

This time of year, lemon sharks visit the waters off Jupiter. Beginning January 9th, Jupiter Dive Center will have dedicated Lemon Drop exploration trips to visit one of the shark’s favorite destinations. Lemon sharks are easy to identify by the pale yellow-brown hue of their skin, and unlike more skittish sharks, they aren’t spooked by divers—which makes them very photogenic!

And speaking of photogenic…we’ll also be setting up special charters to visit sites to the north of Jupiter to see if we can catch a glimpse of a far more elusive critter: the sawfish. The smalltooth sawfish can be found along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Florida. Although still a rare occurrence, sightings of the sawfish are increasing along the Jupiter coast—a hopeful sign that the population of these endangered fish is rebounding. Even if you’ve never encountered a sawfish before, it is an easy species to identify—unsurprisingly their elongated snout (rostrum) looks like a saw with sharp transverse teeth lining the edges and can be as much as one-third the entire length of the fish. So have your camera ready—this is definitely a bucket-list sighting!

The best way to enjoy winter diving is to make sure you have the proper exposure protection in the water and be ready to towel off and dress in layers while on the boat. Not all wetsuits are created equal and having quality exposure protection can make the difference between enjoying your dive or risking hypothermia. Older neoprene wetsuits often compress, resulting in degraded warmth—and nothing saps the fun out of a dive quicker than getting cold. The proper wetsuit not only improves your enjoyment, it also improves your safety.

Daytime air temperatures can be brisk in the morning, but often warm up into the upper 70s by the afternoon (and sometimes earlier!). But on a boat, there is also the windchill to consider, which means a proper coat is essential—wind and water-resistant shells go a long way to keep divers toasty. And if you do find yourself getting chilly, warm your hands on a cup of hot chocolate or tea on your surface intervals—Jupiter Dive Center boats are stocked with both.

The time to prepare for winter diving is before you get on the boat. Jupiter Dive Center is a Scubapro Platinum Dealer, because deep down, you really do want the best. We also have plenty of perfect presents and stocking stuffers for those last-minute gifts. Shop in person or online, and remember, gift certificates are always the perfect size!

Start a new tradition this holiday season with Jupiter Dive Center and redefine your idea of a winter wonderland. Check out our clear blue water, sharks, and maybe even a sawfish. And for the traditionalists, there are always Christmas tree anemones, angelfish, and sea stars. So ring in the new year right and stay tuned, sea turtle season is just around the corner! Reserve your adventure now—no passport required.

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