Time to Update Your Tech Diving Gear!

Scubapro has always been one of the leading innovators when it comes to scuba diving equipment and its new S-Tek line for tech divers proves they’re not resting on their—ahem--corals.

Scubapro understands that divers want the ability to customize the fit and functionality of their gear. And no matter what your needs include, as a Scubapro Platinum dealer, Jupiter Dive Center can help you find exactly what harness configuration will work best for you. 

Wing-style BCDs—a quick review

Diver descending in Wing style BCD

The BCD of choice for tech divers, wing-style BCDs are also becoming more popular for recreational divers. This is the most versatile style of BCD and many can be configured piece by piece with individual components.

At its simplest, the BCD is a harness that attaches to a steel or aluminum backplate. The inflatable bladder is attached to the back plate and pillows the tank against the diver’s back.

The BCD can be configured specifically to the dive and the number of tanks the diver is using. Also, because all the air is behind the diver, it’s easier to stay horizontal at depth. Most wing-style BCDs have integrated weights with quick releases.

Backplates come in different thicknesses—allowing you to go light for vacation or heavier to reduce the amount of weight you put in your weight pouches.

So what is the S-Tek Line?

Scubapro’s new S-Tek Technical Diving program reinvents the classic backplate and wing system with a clever design focused on adjustability, fit and comfort. A specialty accessory line rounds out the collection offering a comprehensive program for technical divers. Built around two different harness/backplate configurations, the line can be mixed and matched to create your own technical diving BCD, or you can choose from one of Scubapro’s packages. 

This package stars the Pro harness—a 3D formed back plate with harness that includes adjustable TEK LOC shoulders to ensure a snug fit and molded monprene® pads that provide cushioning without creating bulk or messing with your buoyancy.

The shoulder buckle and D-ring heights can be adjusted to suit different torso lengths. The webbing slots are positioned to increase diver comfort and reduced abrasion. The back plate provides mounting points for trim weights, an argon tank mounting point, a convenient built-in carry handle and much more.

The donut wing is constructed of durable a Cordura outer shell and inner bladder. While it comes in 3 lift capacities (30, 40, and 60 pounds) This package includes the Pro harness with back plate, a 30-pound donut wing and single tank adapter. 

The S-Tek Pure System Package

Designed for the minimalist, the Pure back plate/wing system is a continuous webbing harness that provides an individualized fit that includes fixed-shoulder length harness for simplicity or an extender mode that allows the shoulder straps to extend for easier donning and doffing.

The 3D formed back plate features a softened organic shape, curved central profile and fully radiused edges for greater comfort. The stainless steel waist buckle allows for a full rand of adjustment.

Like the Pro harness, the Pure harness also provides mounting points for trim weights, an argon tank mounting point, a convenient built-in carry handle and much more. It comes in either stainless steel or aluminum. This package includes the Pure Harness with back plate, 30-pound donut wing, and single tank adapter.

Once you determine how you want your BCD to fit and perform, then you can trick it out with accessories like trim weights kits, back plate pad color kits, an expedition reel or spinner spool, markers, hardware options and extra bolt snaps. 

Perhaps one of the most important accessories is a bungee regulator necklace. Let’s face it. Scuba diving has an element of risk to it. As a tech diver your dives are often deeper and longer and the way to minimize your increased risk is through education and diving with the proper equipment. The regulator necklace is a great way to keep your octo close and ready for quick deployment should the need ever arise. Worn around your neck (hence its name), the flexible bungee fits under the mouthpiece clip of any regulator second stage. A quick yank, and your octo is ready for action.

Tech diving requires more pre-dive planning and skills than recreational diving. But wearing the S-Tek means you don’t need to worry about the quality of your equipment. Deep down you want the best—and Jupiter Dive Center can help you make sure you get exactly the right kit for your needs.

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