Two Certifications You Definitely Need

Did you know that ninety-five percent of the world’s dive sites can be enjoyed by divers who have their Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications? Think of it. Barrier reefs and exciting shipwrecks. Dive destinations like Raja Ampat, Socorro Islands, Indonesia, and Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall—all places you can explore on a vacation with Jupiter Dive Center. And if you don’t have your advanced certifications? We can help with that.

Travel with Jupiter Dive Center

Fess up. Before you became a diver, had you heard of Raja Ampat? How about the Bloody Bay Wall? Jupiter Dive Center knows all about these places because we’ve been there. We’ve done the research, visited the resorts, and spoken to the dive operators we’ll be using. In short, we’ve done our homework and made all the arrangements, so you don’t have to. 

We believe in choices, and every year we offer a variety of trips. We’re already booking into 2024, and are excited about exploring Indonesia in April, Little Cayman in June, and the Socorro Islands in November. That gives you plenty of time to obtain the certifications you’ll want to have under your weight belt before traveling. 

Little Cayman Dog, Gaia Love Boat and Mantas of Sorocco

Advanced Scuba Diving

Advanced Open Water Diver

Earning your advanced scuba certification allows you to enjoy more of the ocean while equipping you with the knowledge and skills to do it safely. Bonus, the class is tailored to your interests! The fundamentals include instruction on deep diving and underwater navigational skills, but then you can discuss the other options available with your instructor. Choose among boat diving, underwater photography, fish identification, night diving, wreck diving, and more. Best of all, it’s fun!

Being an advanced open-water diver is just as beneficial close to home as it is for traveling to exotic locations. The ocean off Jupiter Florida offers divers a bit of everything – including plenty of opportunities to encounter large aquatic animals right off the coast! Our vibrant reef system averages depths between 60 to 80 feet, so most dives require an advanced certification.

The Gulf Stream flows close to shore here, and all our dives are drift dives, which means you can cover more ground and see more things as the current carries you along the reef ledge. Once you surface, the boat will pick you up. It’s the best diving in Florida!


The nitrox–enriched air certification is the most popular specialty certification available. Want to safely extend your no-decompression time and remain underwater longer? How about reducing your surface interval?  With a Nitrox certification, you can! The course is online, and no dives are required. After finishing the academics, you’ll work with an instructor to learn and then demonstrate your ability to analyze tanks and confirm that you understand depth limitations. That’s it! You can be diving with enriched air on your very next dive.

Two divers with Nitrox diving a wreck

Things to consider when deciding what’s next

If you already have these certifications and are looking for something else? Check out the full listing of Jupiter Dive Center Courses. There are many ways to increase your enjoyment and safety in the water. 

Life is too short to miss out on great dives because you aren’t certified to go beyond the basic open water limitations. We highly recommend pursuing both your Advanced Open Water and Nitrox-Enriched Air Diver certifications to be able to fully enjoy not only this wonderful area but also some incredible sites across the globe. Call Jupiter Dive Center at 561-745-7807 and book your next adventure—whether that’s a dive, travel, or class!

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