Visit Jupiter Dive Center for the Holidays!

The best gifts are experiences, and it’s time to level up—or in this case, down. Visit Jupiter Dive Center and explore the tropical depths along Florida’s Palm Beach coast—no passport required! Whether you want to spoil your favorite diver or yourself, Jupiter Dive Center will help you select the perfect trip, piece of equipment, or class that leads to an experience of a lifetime.

Create a Holiday Memory

“Did you see any sharks?”  It’s one of the most common questions non-divers ask divers. Fortunately, if you dive with Jupiter Dive Center, the answer is often a resounding Yes! Sharks are fascinating creatures and sighting one (or more) is often the highlight of any dive.

In the coming weeks, lemon sharks will begin to migrate from the waters of North and South Carolina and congregate along our reefs in Jupiter, making this the perfect time to reserve a charter for you, your favorite buddy, or both! The sharks arrive in groups and favor a few specific locations (one aptly dubbed Lemon Drop). We do not bait or feed sharks. Instead, divers and underwater photographers get up close and personal with the sharks in their natural habitat.

Visit Jupiter Dive Center for the Holidays, create a holiday memory

Education—the Gift That Lasts Forever

Sharks have a mystique about them that is compelling. Sharing their environment is an honor. Still we get it. The first time a diver sees a shark in close proximity, it’s an adrenaline rush. Sharks can be big, nimble, and intimidating.  But a fear of sharks is often based on a lack of understanding. Jupiter Dive Center offers a Shark Specialty course that will leave your favorite diver eager to see one or more of these majestic, graceful animals on their next dive!

This one-day course starts in the classroom, where a dive instructor discusses the myths and realities regarding sharks. Students will learn how to identify the different species that frequent our waters and how to evaluate their behavior. In the afternoon, it’s time to put all that newfound knowledge to use during two dives with the instructor. Finish the day with a new certification and plenty of memories! (And there are plenty more specialty courses to choose from. One is sure to make the perfect gift!)

Visit Jupiter Dive Center for the Holidays. Education, the gift that lasts forever.

Share the Joy of the Season

It’s been a tough year, but there’s still a lot of fun to be found in the water. Need proof? The Wreck Trek and Tunnels are just two of our many dive sites.

The Jupiter Wreck Trek is a series of three wrecks that host big marine animals. The first, the Zion Train, is a small freighter listing to its port side in 90 feet of water. Inside the broken bow lives a resident goliath grouper. In late summer, dozens more aggregate on the wreck to spawn. East of the Zion Train, at 90 feet, is a pile of concrete beams. In January and February, this becomes a great area to view the visiting lemon sharks.  Next up is the Miss Jenny, an upside-down barge, also in 90 feet of water. It’s home to goliath, gag, and black groupers. From there, set a 340-degree course (or look for intervals of rebar set every 30 feet that lead to the next wreck). The Esso Bonaire is the largest of the three sites and sits upright in 90 feet of water with her decks at 75 feet. An easy wreck to explore, her holds are open and the cabin area at the stern may be safely penetrated as long as the diver does not go into the lower areas. Again, don’t be surprised to come face-to-face with a goliath grouper.

Or consider Tunnels. This reef dive is a spectacular site for two reasons: tunnels and big animals. Look for reef sharks immediately upon entering the water, but be forewarned, they disappear quickly. Once on the reef, slow down and savor this site—and bring a flashlight. Several goliath groupers usually hang out by the first of the three tunnels (and the only swim-through).  The far side of the tunnel is an area known as the amphitheater—a popular area for small critters. Following the ledge north, divers almost always encounter schools of Atlantic spadefish. Move slowly and they’ll allow divers to pass through the school. Enormous southern rays frequent the sand to the west of the ledge. Can’t find them? Look for cobia. They’re often in the area hoping to claim what the rays stir up. About 25 minutes into the dive, under a substantial ledge, divers will find several goliath groupers. With a moderate current, divers breathing nitrox will reach the Donut Hole section of the reef. Caribbean reef sharks are always there either napping in the hole or cruising to the east of it. Goliath groupers and nurse sharks like this area as well. The depth of this reef ranges between 65 and 75 feet.

Visit Jupiter Dive Center for the Holidays, share the joy of the season.

Out of Ideas? Consider a Gift Certificate!

Jupiter Dive Center is a Scubapro Platinum dealer. Our experienced crew can help you choose the perfect gift—big or small. Don’t know a size? Consider a gift certificate! It always fits, comes in all sizes and can be put toward gear, charters, repair, or classes.

The holidays are on the horizon and now’s the perfect time to make your list and check it twice. Dive with sharks, explore a wreck, enjoy a reef, book a class—it’s all possible with Jupiter Dive Center. Stop on by the shop or call us at (561)745-7807, today!

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