Workplace First Response Training

Date: This course is offered throughout the year

Course fees: $199 plus online academics 

Group Rates: See group section below

First Response Training

Jupiter Dive Center teaches basic rescue training, first aid, CPR, and how to manage bloodborne pathogens for caregivers, personal trainers, construction workers, and anyone else who potentially may need these life-saving skills. Developed by First Response Training International, this course combines eLearning with focused hands-on skills development – a proven, efficient way to learn how to provide aid in emergency situations. Contact Jupiter Dive Center today to schedule this very important course.

What to Expect 

The course begins with two eLearning sessions that require a total of approximately three hours and allows students to progress at their own pace. Once the eLearning is complete, students will schedule a classroom session lasting approximately three to four hours where they will learn how to put their newfound (or refreshed) knowledge into practice. Students will learn the value of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to administer it—including how to assess the scene, evaluate the victim, and who to call for help. Students will practice their skills on a mannequin. 

In the first aid session, skills covered include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), when and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), the importance of assessing both the injury and the victim, and “The Six Basics” of first aid for adult, child, and infant emergency care.

During the second component, students will learn how to minimize the risk of bloodborne pathogens encountered through bodily fluids.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn certifications for Adult, Child & Infant Emergency Care Provider, and Bloodborne Pathogens Provider.

Please note that due to the hands-on application of these skills and the possibility of a change in what is considered “best practices” a requalification course is required every two years. 

What Do You Need? 

Once the course is purchased, Jupiter Dive Center will provide the student with the access codes for the eLearning sessions. All items required for the hands-on portion of the class will be provided by Jupiter Dive Center. This course is open to divers and non-divers alike. The minimum age for participants is 18 years. Upon completion of the course, students are encouraged to carry their own pocket mask to increase their personal safety while administering aid to others. 

The Details

  • This course is offered throughout the year.
  • Once the eLearning component is completed, students will arrange to meet at Jupiter Dive Center to complete the hands-on portion of the class.
  • This certification course is $199.00 plus the cost of the eLearning academics.
  • eLearning academics.
    • eLearning academic, Adult, Child & Infant Emergency Care Provider $27.95
    • eLearning academics, Bloodborne Pathogens Provider $19.95
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Jupiter Dive Center understands that workplace needs vary. We have a variety of options to ensure you receive the training that is best for your organization. For groups of 10 or more participants, the cost of the course is 140.00 per student. If your group only needs the first aid course, the cost is $100.00 per student. (For groups who want to add an oxygen administration component, please call the shop for pricing.)

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your ability to make a difference. Reserve your spot now by calling (561)745-7807.