Adaptive Diving Course with Jupiter Dive Center

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Course fees: $799, plus online academics


Looking for a new challenge? Did you know diving can be adapted for nearly every kind of disability? Jupiter Dive Center is proud to have certified dive instructors trained to adapt the SDI open water scuba diving course for people with a variety of disabilities and medical conditions.


What to Expect 

The SDI Scubility Diver Program is designed to give the physically disabled the necessary skills and techniques used to dive in conditions similar to their training—without the direct supervision of an SDI Scubility Instructor.

Scubility is a highly personalized adaptive sport course and is tailored to the needs of the individual student in regard to equipment, teaching methods, and alternative options for critical skills. The academic requirements are the same as the standard SDI open water course, although the manner of presentation may vary depending on student needs.

After the academics are completed, students will visit the pool or other “confined water” location and learn basic skills such as mask clearing and regulator recovery while discovering the adaptive swimming technique and appropriate equipment (such as webbed gloves) that is right for them. Students will learn alternative entry and exit techniques in the open water training. Throughout the course, instructors will work with students to adapt the requirements of the course to the divers’ needs without sacrificing safety, competency, or dignity.

The key element of Scubility training is flexibility: instructors grant certifications according to which performance requirements the diver is personally able to meet. For some students, that means diving with any certified buddy diver. For others, that may mean diving with a qualified SDI Scubility dive buddy.


What Do You Need? 

During the initial consultation, the student and instructor will work together to determine the student’s equipment needs. Students must provide their own mask, a manner of propulsion (i.e. fins or webbed gloves), a snorkel, and a log book to track their training dives. Please note, the student may need additional specialized gear. Jupiter Dive Center will provide standard wetsuits, buoyancy compensation devices, regulators, dive computers, tanks, and weights.


The Details

  • It all starts with a consultation. Together the student and Jupiter Dive Center will create a plan that will address how to approach the academic portion of the class (i.e. eLearning or classroom), equipment needs, anticipated time requirements, and course cost.
  • In-water skill development training takes place in a swimming pool or similar confined water location.
  • Four (or more) open water certification dives are required for certification.
  • The open water certification may require the certified diver to dive with one or more qualified buddies. 
  • Students may be eligible for financial assistance for their Scubility training through Jupiter Dive Center’s partner organizations LifeWaters and Dive Pirates.  Links: or


Your Next Adventure

Learn more about the ocean by taking a Fish Identification course!

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the many ways you can enjoy diving. Reserve your spot now by calling (561)745-7807 or visit our website here.



“LifeWaters has a unique perspective on disabilities. They put the primary focus on what I “can” do, not what I can’t do. They evaluated me appropriately, designed a program to become open water certified, and pushed me to achieve that goal. LifeWaters is a culture and a family. Everyone genuinely cares about everyone. For any individual with a disability who is wondering, “I wonder if I can do that?” the answer is very simple. Reach out to LifeWaters and ask.”
~Kevin Brown - Adaptive Diver

 “I never imagined scuba diving as a quadriplegic, it was a little awkward at first, I am in love with diving now. I broke my neck in 1990, motorcycle accident, but that gives you a zest for life, because you’re so close to “not” so I’m trying to do everything I can, to make the most of it. Thank you from all my heart, this is such an inspiration.”  ~Mack Davis

“With PTSD, it never stops, it runs and runs and runs, and when you get underwater, it slows down, all you hear is the bubbles, my breathing, and focusing on everything around me… it’s amazing!”  ~ Marlene Krpata 

“For guys like me in wheelchairs, it gives us the opportunity to actually improve ourselves, and amaze ourselves with things you didn’t know you could do. So now you know you can do it, it’s another step up the ladder to get back to a normal life, and even more than a normal life.”  ~Scott Palimo



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