Learn to Dive: Basic Open Water Diver

That first breath underwater is a thrilling experience, but even more exciting is the opportunity to visit fish in their natural environment,  swim over pristine reefs, and explore mysterious wrecks. Learn to dive with Jupiter Dive Center and join the millions of divers with basic certifications. It all starts here.

Nitrox- Enriched Air Diver

Breathing enriched air allows divers to safely extend their no decompression time and spend more time underwater—which explains why the Nitrox -Enriched Air Diver certification is the most popular specialty certification available. Want a shorter surface interval? You guessed it. Nitrox. Learn why, and try it for yourself!

Advanced Open Water Diver

It’s time to up your game. Time to polish your navigation ability, dial in your buoyancy, and increase your confidence. Advanced Open Water Diver encourages you to continue to develop your abilities, and introduces you to new underwater adventures.  Let Jupiter Dive Center expand your underwater horizons.

Rescue Diver

Do you know what to do in an emergency? Could you render aid to your dive buddy, another diver, or yourself? Learn how to recognize distressed divers, what to do to in an emergency, and how to keep yourself safe in the process. The subject matter is serious, but this is an incredibly fun course that develops important skills.

Dive Master

Join the ranks of dive professionals across the globe—earn your dive master certification! Dive masters are ambassadors to the ocean. They help other divers hone their skills, assist instructors with classes, and apply advanced dive theory knowledge to prevent and solve problems. Begin your career, today!


Increase your depth—of knowledge. Specialty courses focus on different ways divers can enjoy the ocean. Learn about the ocean’s inhabitants with a fish identification course. Navigate a wreck. Interested in photography, drift, deep, night, or navigation diving? Let Jupiter Dive Center prepare you for your next adventure!

Next Steps...

All of our diving is drift diving, and every diver must have a surface signaling device.