Area 29

Local reef Area 29 is one of the deeper dive sites at 80′ to 90′and is a destination chosen for its good visibility, hunting opportunities, and sightseeing features. When inshore sites are subject to less than acceptable visibility, the boat captains usually resort to “Old Reliable ‘Area 29. At this low-profile site, the ledge is broken up so that as divers drift north they come into a series of “aquariums” that are home to prolific fish and marine critter life. Sightseers can marvel at the variety of tropical fish that inhabit these mini-environments. Palm Beach’s classic big blue Angelfish along with their Queen, French, and Gray cousins are all here. Tomtates and other grunts of several species inhabit these arenas in large numbers. Squirrel fish hide in their little nooks as goatfish stir up the sand to find their next meal, Loggerhead turtles use the ledge to duck under for a nap while the little Hawksbills munch on the sponges. Hunters favor Area 29 for its game fish. In season, it is common to see the prized Gag and Black groupers all over this dive site.

Southern rays hunting for a meal in the sand attract the coveted cobia. Lobsters can be found to east of the main ledge line in the little blowouts and under the coral heads. Although a deeper dive, with its consistent good visibility; sightseeing attractions, and hunting opportunities, Area 29 is “Old Reliable” as it rarely disappoints. One of our favorite Local Reefs.

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